Well, a lot has happened since December of 2003, when the first Warfare Theology and the Coming 4TH Reich article got posted!  I think it is way past time for an update.  If you haven’t read that article yet, I would have to say that reading this one will leave you wondering what I am referring to on some points, so I would recommend that you read that article first here…

Warfare Theology 1 

but its up to you, I think you'll get the point!

    In the original article I offended a lot of folks by comparing the current American leadership to what the average American would like to remember as the most heinous and brutal dictatorship that the world has ever known; The German 3rd Reich, under Adolph Hitler.  A lot of folks really didn’t like that.  I understand why that is offensive to the average American, but at the time, similarities were raging ominous, and today they are screaming for acknowledgement! 

    One of the things I found out that making these comparisons did, and why some folks got so upset, (and this was not a planned effect), one of the things it did was a big surprise to me… Apparently, a lot of American Christians, while trying to justify the war in Iraq launched by the George Bush administration, was they often made the same comparison in their own minds!  Yes, they made the same comparison! Sound unbelievable? 

    The problem was they did it from the standpoint that Germany was so bad under Hitler, that what the current administration is doing was not to be considered all that terrible. Well, they obviously didn’t like the fact that I was making comparisons that actually showed, and warned, that what was happening now is not any different, and would in fact turn out to be even worse.  I am sure that pictures like this one really disturbed those who were trying so desperately to make what the current leadership was doing “ok” in their minds. They would rather carry the status quo of being comfortable in their thinking about their beloved country.  It really is a very sad and distressing thing to watch.


    This act of "Patriotism" although understandable, has become, and will turn out to be, the downfall of many of the world’s people’s view of the Christian faith, as well as the very faith of some.  Why?  One thing American Christians are right about is that America is a leader on the world stage, and in the past has even taken a leadership role in terms of some real solid Christian principles like humanitarian aid, human rights and such things.  I would even venture to say, that some folks in the world have taken on Christianity as their religion based on these powerful examples of what Christianity stands for.  Many countries in the world spend a great deal of time copying American styles, trends, lifestyle types and recreational activities.  It stands to reason that they would also have the same tendency with respect to America’s beliefs regarding religion.

    The reason I think what is happening today will be the death of some people’s faith, is that they now see America taking on an unrealistic, self assigned, imperial view of the world, and along with that has come a tremendous display of hypocrisy in so many areas… naturally.  That the world’s people are being trampled under foot by the new American “revolution in military affairs” and the “New World Order” is definitely going to kill the faith of some people in the religion that this country stands for.

Like the Muslim faith, this will inevitably turn many away from the Christian faith, a faith that now seems to empower people to kill rather than a faith that inspires people to look toward eternal life.

    Patriotism, and support for your country is ok to a point for a servant of Christ, but it can become a horrendous stumbling block when compromises in spiritual principles are made to maintain our support for a leader. Please see our article, Patriotism in Light of the Scriptures for more info.

    Take a look at the following verses of scripture with me for a minute, and let’s take a look at what they say, but most importantly, let’s talk about what they imply. They are from another passage that we have referenced before here at 11th Hour, and that is the parable of “the watchman” from Ezekiel…

Ezekiel 3:20 Again, When a righteous man doth turn from his righteousness, and commit iniquity, and I lay a stumbling block before him, he shall die: because thou hast not given him warning, he shall die in his sin, and his righteousness which he hath done shall not be remembered; but his blood will I require at your hand. 21. Nevertheless if thou warn the righteous man, that the righteous sin not, and he doth not sin, he shall surely live, because he is warned; also thou hast delivered thy soul.

    I want to point out a principle here that displays why I believe that patriotism can become, as I called it, “a horrendous stumbling block”.  Here in these verses it is said that when a righteous man turns from his righteousness, and commits iniquity, which we have been warning folks that the following things are...

  • turning a "blind eye” to truths regarding America’s current policies, and supporting the atrocities...

  • falling so deeply in love with wealth and prosperity that we are willing to allow our government to kill to "protect our blessings"

  • supporting principles that are contrary to our faith, "because everyone else does"...

    We have pointed out that it is a scripturally obvious point of fact, that God will eventuallylay a stumbling block before him”. What does that mean?  What do we think God means when he says “and I lay a stumbling block before him”?  I think it means a truth that is woven throughout the Old and New Testament scriptures, and that is that God is not going to allow folks to turn a blind eye to truth and what is right.  Jesus displayed this in all of his dealings with the Pharisees, and in all of his conversations with both his followers, and his detractors.  The truth is the truth, and it can not be made any different, nor will it go away when we choose not to look at it.  We can play all the games we want with the truth as the Pharisees did 2000 years ago, but the truth will not bend when we stand in the presence of Jesus Christ on that day.  Honestly Brother, Sister... do you think God will tolerate this forever?  Where, or at what point do you think a holy and righteous God will draw the line on "regal", "self preserving" Christians, who turn away while others are slaughtered to give them a better life, or to protect the great life that they have??

    These principles of honesty are true for any level of Christian experience, including personal compromise with sin, organizational compromise with sin, or even national compromise with sin. Are you finding it easier and easier to accept, and feel ok about something that you are doing in your life that you used to know for sure God didn’t want you doing?  Are you finding it easier and easier to continue on in these things?  Do the justifications for these actions now seem to come as second nature, and even seem kind of ominous as you tell yourself “why didn’t I realize that before”?  Do you use the terrible or horrible nature of what someone else does or has done to make your own actions seem "small".   I would suggest that the scripture defines that as a few things… a seared conscience, serving the flesh, quenching the spirit, and finally, in the passage of scripture that I referenced above, it is defined as the inevitable result of a continued turn away from the principles of God’s word, a “stumbling block” laid before us in judgment by God himself!

Now the obvious questions I have been leading up to…

But first, please allow me to insert these comments…

    Most folks that are so taken in the phenomenon that is happening in this country today, and who just refuse to look with honest, open eyes at the things that we have been saying have already closed this article and passed it off as “anti American”, or “anti troop”, or whatever other all encompassing category they feel comfortable throwing us into.

    I want you to know if you are still reading this article, we are asking you for some honest self examination in the following paragraphs and without it, we will not be able to accomplish our mission.  So if nothing else, we ask that you carefully consider the words I am about to say, and process them in a prayerful manner and with a “judgment day” honesty!  Here are the questions we hope we can get folks to ask by reading this article…

    And again, please consider these questions with what we label as GRAVE honesty, and without giving yourself a “quick out” or a dismissive attitude.


  1. Are you finding it easier and easier to agree with the death, revenge, destruction and bloodshed that are being carried out in the Middle East today by America?

  2. Are you kind of ticked off that I called it that?

  3. Do you have no problem what-so-ever with the fact that even though we have condemned Muslims for decades for “killing in the name of God” that the Christians that now run our country, and the Christian leaders on the ground in Iraq, encouraging their troops to get baptized before they go into battles, singing Christian songs, are also killing men in the name of God? (ours AND theirs)

  4. Are you kind of ticked off that I called it that?

  5. Do you justify the actions of your government by trying to revive principles that Jesus clearly did away with like “an eye for an eye”, or “they started it”, or “they will kill us so we must kill them first”, or other self serving, or worldly principles?

  6. Are you kind of ticked off that I called it that? 

  7. Finally, on the day that you did realize in your heart that American leadership used the deaths of 3000 Americans on 9-11 and the War on Terror in Afghanistan, as a spring board to jump into Iraq and serve big oil interests, did you turn a blind eye to the reality on the ground that has been more than clearly proven as the raping of an almost completely disarmed country of its natural resources?

  8. Are you kind of ticked off that I called it that?

  9. Oh one more thing... Do you shake your head in disgust and curse the “terrorists” in Iraq each day when you hear about new deaths of American soldiers, yet say nothing when you hear the same reports about scores, or even hundreds of Iraqis Killed? Proving that the only deaths that are “terror” to people in this country are American deaths?

  10. Are you kind of ticked off that I called it that?



    There are very definite limits the Christian should observe when voicing, and acting out support for their government’s actions.  Blindly supporting actions like these without any regard for the fact that the commands of our faith are being broken, and passing that off as OK because it’s the government that is doing it, is not only careless, reckless and irresponsible, but it is down right uneducated, and in some ways, sadly negligent.  There are things that we are quite simply NOT ALLOWED by the message Jesus preached to endorse or participate in as followers of Christ.  Remember this verse?


Mark 12:17 And Jesus answering said unto them, Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and to God the things that are God's. And they marveled at him.

    We the people, (especially Christians), need to be obedient above all, knowing that our actions display for the world the foundations of our beliefs.  Does that mean to hide or misrepresent our real beliefs, and act in some way that we think displays true Christianity?  NO.  It means to shape them and bring our beliefs into submission to the word of God!  Given the events that have transpired over the last 24 months in the world, and on the “geopolitical” landscape, on what level would I be trying to bring the “rendering unto Caesar” scriptures to bear?
    I am bringing them to bear on the point that when a Christian is willing to say nothing when his country violently disobeys the word of God, (as it does today in the middle east), in some twisted reasoning that being in support of his country is somehow more important than being true to the word of God and the principles of our faith, then we have a situation where someone is rendering unto Caesar the things that are God's!  Why do they do this?  Is it in thanks for the prosperous lives they now enjoy, perhaps because they give the credit for that to Caesar?  For people that think they put God before everything, I ask the following questions...

  • If your Friends are demanding that you disobey the word of God in order to please them, will you do it?  Of course not!

  • If your Boss/work is demanding that you disobey the word of God in order to please him/it, will you do it?  Of course not!!

  • If even your Church is demanding that you disobey the word of God in order to please them, would you do it?  Of course not!!!

  • If your SPOUSE was demanding that you disobey the word of God in order to please them, would you do it?  Of course not!!!!


    If we know full well that all of these very important influences and sources of support in our lives should not influence us to disobey the word of God to please them… (They can’t right?)… Then how in God’s name could an influence like a kingdom of this world, a worldly country, (which there is NO denying America is), or even a world leader or even a spiritual Leader cause us to disobey the word of God to please it or them?  We can not, should not, and we beseech you NOT TO ALLOW THEM TO!!  Please brother’s and sisters, fight this!

    This concept is the thrust of the ministry here at 11th Hour, and what we have been talking about all along!  This is no joke!  We are talking about betraying God for Caesar, and I wonder what Christians think the lord Jesus Christ would have to say about that, if he were walking the streets of Israel today?  Contrary to popular Christian culture's assumptions, Jesus would not be carrying an American Flag nor would he be wielding a large purse of money, while holding stock in Oil!  The people in Germany in the 1930s made the same mistakes, and they gave unto Hitler that which was God's; their unwavering loyalty, their unfaltering trust, and inevitably it turned in to their worst nightmare!

    The Christian/Muslim relationship that exists in the world today, that the George Bush administration would have you believe is one where Muslims want to kill you just because you are free is an absolute lie.  Muslims hate America on a worldly level because of the raping their lands and their politics have suffered at the hands of the corporate beast that now permeates and runs this government.  They hate Americans and any other Christians in the world on a spiritual level because as Jesus said the world would hate those who name his name.  But make no mistake about it, there are two levels, and two planes of hate going on there.  Make no mistake about it, the second level doesn't come just from Muslims in the world either.

    The spiritual side of things is the textbook example, (the BIBLE textbook), that Jesus warned every single follower of his would face in the world when he said things like "Love your enemies" "pray for those that hate you" and "do go to those who spitefully use you and mistreat you" "you will be hated by the world for my name's sake" Today in America, like in Germany of the 1930s the average Christian forsakes the most basic principles of his faith, as he is caught up in the fascism that his people are better than all others.  That other peoples deaths don't mean as much as their deaths.  That other peoples lives are worth sacrificing in order to preserve their happiness and good fortune.  And most astoundingly of all, yes, like Germany in the 1930s, he actually believes that the Lord Jesus AGREES with him!  How did Jesus Christ tell us to react to the hatred that the world would have for us Brothers and Sisters?

    I wonder what kind of an action or actions it will take to drive the reality home in the American Christian mind that what is going on in the world at this very moment may be the countdown to Armageddon?  I wonder what will make the comparisons I made in the first article 3 years ago, and the ones that I will make here ring true for the die hard supporter of the current leadership in this country.

  • Will it be when the true numbers from Iraq since 2003, which would total in the hundreds of thousands of men, women and children killed come in?

  • Will it be when the number also includes all of the Iraqi soldiers from the 1991 invasion, and the men, women, and children killed at that time is added, which could total over a million?

  • Will it be after the fire of war is rained down upon the land of Iran resulting in the deaths of possibly millions occurs?

  • Do the dead Muslims need to exceed the 6 million Jews that were killed in the first holocaust for this tragedy called the “war on terror” to be seen for what it is??


    Is George W. Bush set to become the Muslim’s Hitler? Well given the fact that he also claims a messianic mission as did Hitler, I don’t know why the comparisons seem so unrealistic.  When he has said that at all costs, he is going to “protect and pursue the interests of his people”, verbatim the message that Adolph Hitler preached from the state podium in the WW2 era.  Since this president believes that it will be his legacy to save the countries of Iran and Iraq, as well as others held in the grip of "Islamic, theocratic regimes", why do people try to cast “conspiracy theorist" labels on folks that make the comparisons?  I contend, that since the 1991 invasion, that including soldiers, insurgents, men, women, and children the total killed in and around the country of Iraq is surely 7 figures and will continue to climb, and so I repeat…  Why do these comparisons sound so unrealistic and far fetched to Americans?  Do we have to exceed the 6 million dead that Hitler achieved before we raise our eyebrows, take our eyes off of our televisions sets, our sporting events, and our 401Ks, and take a look at what's happening in the world?

    It is going on unabated and unchallenged because as I said,  Americans are walking in the footsteps of repeated history because they simply refuse to take an honest look at world events!   They refuse to take an honest look, (and we are talking about Christians as well here), at what is happening right before their eyes as they continue to throw labels and categorizations on every warning they hear, as they render unto Caesar that which is God’s!  It seems “America the once beautiful” morphs into the very thing that it so desperately proclaims it is not.  In the first article I made comparisons about how the American situation was going through some of the same things leading up to the tragedy that became the 3rd Reich...

  • The fact that Hitler claimed a Christian platform that matched the convictions of over 80% of his support base, which at that time was Roman Catholic.  (Much like George Bush reportedly decided even before his campaign began that he would do with protestant/evangelical Christianity, which is over 80% of America.)

  • The fact that immoral expressions of entertainment, pornography, and anti religious lifestyles had proliferated Europe to the degree that the average Christian felt besieged by such offensive behavior, and felt threatened by the fact that these things were trying to gain a legitimate place in society by working themselves into the laws of the land, and so fed up were they, that they too became political activists.  (Much like the situation that brought Christians to their current place of "political activism" from the 70s to the present, with Porn, homosexual lifestyles, and a humanistic and anti-Christian bend in society.)

  • The fact that Hitler claimed he had a "messianic" mission, which in his case was to save the German people from the perception that the prosperity of the Jews somehow meant the detraction and the poverty of the Germans.  A propagandized reality created for the Germans by a leader that they had a hero worshiping relationship with.  (Much like the propagandized reality created for the Americans that the attacks of September 11th 2001 were done by people who "hate our freedom" just because they hate freedom, and that it was totally unprovoked and designed by an "Axis of Evil"... by our leadership which somehow managed to end up in the top ten list of most influential spiritual leaders, in spite of the fact that he can not quote even one verse of scripture properly).

  • Also mentioned was the gradual indoctrination of the German people that in cases such as these, military intervention was often the only resort that will meet with success, "However, all diplomatic processes would have to be exhausted before that option would be considered"  (Sound familiar?)



    I made a very important comparison about how once the government had secured the will of the people on a spiritual level, and once a spiritual foundation was placed under Hitler's military designs, that Germany had reached the point of no return.  I pointed out Adolph Hitler's confession of that reality and that it was part of his thinking all along, manifesting that it was part of the plan just as I suggest with George W. Bush.  Here are the words that Hitler used to manifest that reality from Mien Kampf...

"Only in the steady and constant application of force lies the very first prerequisite for success. This persistence, however, can always and only arise from a definite spiritual conviction. Any violence which does not spring from a firm, spiritual base, will be wavering and uncertain."   
[Adolph Hitler, Mien Kampf, Vol. 1, Chapter 5]

    It is at this point in the conversation that one starts to lose the American Christian supporter of the George W Bush white house, because they just can not comprehend the reality that their country, their leader is walking a path this dark and rancid.  And we only know its dark and rancid because of the German history we can look back on.  The German population did not see this coming either folks. I think it was Bill here at 11th hour who said, its kind of hard to see something going down, when its happening all around you and in your own time!  You might say to yourself, how can you say this is happening??  Well, I will show you that George Bush has secured the same spiritual base for his actions by showing you what is probably the greatest betrayal of the Christian faith that has occurred in this century.  That betrayal comes in the name of YOU and I from the following men, of the following organizations...

  • Richard Land, president of the "Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention".
  • Chuck Colson, of "Prison fellowship Ministries".
  • Bill Bright, Chairman of "Campus Crusades For Christ"
  • D. James Kennedy, President of "Coral Ridge Ministries"
  • Carl Herbster, President of the "American Association of Christian Schools"

    Presumptuously speaking on behalf of the entire Christian church, and as they have on so many occasions, casting themselves as the voices and leaders of American Christianity, these men "gave our blessing" to the actions of the George Bush white house in language that would make even the most hard core lobbyist blush!  They sent a letter written on what I would assume was Southern Baptist convention stationary, since the other men were "co signers" of the letter to George Bush which was written by Richard Land.  I give a link to the entire letter here, but I warn you, whip out your barf bag before you read it, because it is some of the most "egregious" (for lack of a better word) kissing up I have ever read in my life, and after I read it I felt sick.  No really, I mean I FELT SICK.




    I'm sorry but I have to say a few things about this letter, which presumptuously purports to speak for Christians all over America, but in reality probably does nothing more than fulfill the part of prophecy which states "And they will give power unto the beast"...  because the letter as I said, makes me feel sick to my stomach.  I am going to have to exercise some restraint in terms of commenting on this now, because I am writing a separate article, in which I will give this letter the treatment it deserves which I will post after this one.  I don't want to spend too much time in this article discussing the absolute shameless kissing up and the absolute flattery and aggrandizing language in the letter with it's...


  • "We are writing to express our deep appreciation for your bold, courageous, and visionary leadership"

  • "As you so eloquently stated"

  • "As you declared forthrightly in your speech to the U.N. General Assembly"

    As sick as these statements make me feel, and as much time as I could spend on why they are so wrong, I will deal with that in the other article. I will rather concentrate in this article on the parts of the Letter that now ring ominously ahead as some of the biggest mistakes in the history of Christian "leadership".  That the statements in this letter are so short sighted and irresponsible for leadership in Christianity to make is the understatement of all time!  For Christian leaders, (so called), to make the statements made in this letter, having been fully aware of the types of men who work in politics throughout history, and especially in the past 50 years of American history, was an extraordinarily dangerous move to make. 

    Having been completely out of the political and intelligence cultures, and having so little knowledge of the things going on behind the scenes in the build up to wars, that Christian leaders felt so comfortable with this guy as to give "card blanche" blessings on his political designs knowing absolutely nothing but the "official story" concerning these matters, has put the credibility of said "leaders" in the proverbial trash can to such a point, that I fear for the future of this nation.  It also serves as the most incredible and ominous comparison to Adolph Hitler's 3rd Reich that can ever be made and could ever be pointed out or written about.  You know something Christian?  You were right as you proclaimed for the last 25 years that the reason America survives and is safe was because of its Christian's faith in God, and in the Lord Jesus.  Yes you were right, but get ready now folks, because that faith is no longer in the principles of the faith that Jesus taught us, it is in the words and in the lies that the political leadership tells them, as they believe every word they say as gospel, and again, as they render unto Caesar the things that are God's!  Yes, get ready, because now departs the safety and peace that Americans have loved for so many decades, because it is gone forever as the American Christian church "gives its power to"...  to what? 

From the Richard Land Letter to George Bush...

    "We believe that your policies concerning the ongoing international terrorist campaign against America are both right and just. Specifically, we believe that your stated policies concerning Saddam Hussein and his headlong pursuit and development of biochemical and nuclear weapons of mass destruction are prudent and fall well within the time-honored criteria of just war theory as developed by Christian theologians in the late fourth and early fifth centuries A.D."

    I can't even begin to tell my fellow Christian what a huge and unbelievable mistake it was for "Christian leaders" to make a statement like this one.  There are so many things wrong with this statement, that I know I don't have to debate, EVEN WITH A LOT OF FOLKS who have been disagreeing with us for the past 3 years!  For one thing, that they tie Hussein into the "international campaign of terror against America" is ridiculous.  Hussein was too busy trying to get Kuwait back, he didn't have any concerns about wiping out America and the international community is well aware of this fact.  Also, that Hussein was in a "headlong pursuit of bio and nuclear weapons" was, and IS proven as a complete lie!  All this statement proves is that all they know about these matters, is what good ole George told them.  Also, that Hussein had ANYTHING to do with the kind of Muslims that committed 9-11 is also a proven untruth as well.  So for "Christian leaders" to be falling all over themselves with admiration in the name of the church for this guy in a letter calling his leadership "visionary" is as I said, the most striking resemblance to the 3rd Reich EVER committed. 

    Secondly, "the time-honored criteria of just war theory" does not find itself welcome as a doctrine in a HUGE portion of the Christian Church, and I might add the Baptist Church.  Where these guys come off stating these things on behalf of the Church shows the true nature of their estate: "wolves in sheep's clothing", and I as an American Baptist find their words extremely offensive.  Finally, referencing statements made by CATHOLIC fathers during a time (4th Century), when these protestant men's Churches teach that the Catholic church was poisoning the Church with its doctrines (4th and 5th centuries) is just amazing!  But not quite as amazing as calling those same Catholic fathers "theologians".  The exodus back "into the fold" under the pope of Rome that this attitude displays is very very telling.  Another item from the letter to Bush...

Second, just war must have just intent. Our nation does not intend to destroy, conquer, or exploit Iraq. As you declared forthrightly in your speech to the U.N. General Assembly:

“The United States has no quarrel with the Iraqi people. . . Liberty for the Iraqi people is a great moral cause, and a great strategic goal. The people of Iraq deserve it; the security of all nations requires it. Free societies do not intimidate through cruelty and conquest, and open societies do not threaten the world with mass murder. The United States supports political and economic liberty in a unified Iraq.”



    It is a real possibility that Americans will soon face the world with the same shame the German people did just a few decades ago.  Why oh why can we not avoid this terrible tragedy??  If Christian leaders believe this crap they spewed fourth in this letter 4 years ago, and if they would argue to defend this garbage now, which based on Chuck Colson's consistent flow of neo-babble we hear on the radio every time one of his editorials is played, I'm sure they would, I promise you we are in some really deep trouble! The only "intent" of the Iraq war, was that Hussein moved the Iraqi Oil reserves on to petroeuros instead of petrodollars, and that is "just the cause" for his removal from power in Iraq.  He was a tolerated and beneficial leader in the middle east for the American government since 1979, and that is why he was allowed to stay. Once he discarded that usefulness when we refused to let him take Kuwait he was removed.. PERIOD. The country of Iraq IS destroyed, conquered, and exploited, especially in the area of its natural resources!  If these men do not see that hard to face reality in Iraq today, then they truly are the "blind leaders of the blind" that Jesus so often rebuked.  However, I will agree with a  couple statements made by these men in the letter though, believe it or not... 


  • "Free societies do not intimidate through cruelty and conquest"  

  • I totally agree with this statement!  Can you say SHOCK AND AWE? 

  • "Open societies do not threaten the world with mass murder"

  • Here is another statement I totally agree with. Can you say "THE WAR ON TERROR"?


    The point that I was making, and am making, is that this administration has secured the same "spiritual base" upon which to launch its conquest, upon which the 3rd Reich launched theirs.  And just as Adolph Hitler in the WW2 era did, they are now carrying out those designs on state funds. The united states military has become the "hired gun" of corporate America and the new dept. of Homeland security, including the NSA, the CIA, and the rest of the intelligence apparatus, headed up by the new Director of National Intelligence John Negroponte becomes the Gestapo that will now begin to systematically strip you of every one of your civil liberties.  You think domestic spying is going to be short lived in this country?  These guys are about to make the Gestapo look like a bunch of choir boys, you wait and see. 

    By the time people in this country realize it, they will be living in a country that has become the LEAST free nation on earth, and all people can do with the warnings of people like myself and our friends on the Network is to call us conspiracy theorists, anti-American protestors, and  doomsday prophets, while they trade in their rights one by one for a false sense of security.  Refusing to open their eyes and speak up about the horrendous fiasco now being perpetrated on the world, they prepare themselves to walk in the footsteps of repeated history as America, in a fit of national revenge stomps the Islamic world into the desert dust and enjoys the ever so convenient resulting control of some of the largest reserves of Oil in the world! 

    Well you know what?  I DO LOVE AMERICA!  But unlike men like Richard Land, and Chuck Colson and D James Kennedy, I love this country enough to TELL IT THE TRUTH.  I don't relish my wealth to the point that I am falling all over myself sucking up to current leadership, securing myself a piece of the 4 billion dollar "faith based" pie.  Shamelessly expressing my adoration for men that clearly know just about nothing about my faith.  I refuse to let men like George W Bush hide behind the Soldiers that are giving their lives to secure their Oil interests by keeping my mouth shut "in honor" of the young men that have died.  That doesn't honor them at all! 

    That is the most cowardly and heinous thing that men like this are doing at this time! Whenever the conversation gets hot, and they are running out of places to hide they always do the same thing... "saying these things does not send a very good message to the troops." or "We need to support the troops"  That is absolute garbage!  They make it sound like the troops decided to go over to Iraq and set themselves up as bait so every terrorist in the world could go there and kill them instead of coming here after cowards like George Bush!  Umm no, actually this administration sent them over there to die, so what you are actually saying is you need to IGNORE the troops? 

    For these men to tell me, and others like me that we are "anti-troop" is the most foolish and ridiculous thing they could possibly say, and is clearly the same old Chicken crap that all politicians like them throw when they are called to task by the citizens and the media about their "divine missions"!  I would say that those who put our troops in "harms way" for their lies and deceptions, while their wallets get fatter and fatter are much more anti-troop than men like myself who want our troops HOME guarding OUR borders and shores like they are supposed to!  Sorry about the rant there in the last couple of paragraphs but I will tell you, I am growing increasingly tired of the verbal excuse programs and tap dances that the leadership in this country are using to dance around straight talk about the current "revolution in military affairs" bringing the world into FAR MORE uncertainty and terror than it was in before America started to meddle in the affairs of Muslim states causing them to begin their war on the west.  Even more sickening is Christian support of those excuses. I can not in good conscience sit around and pretend that I do not see exactly what is going on.  I can not sit around and ignore the incredibly ominous similarities that ring true in this article, and I can NOT sit by and deny the spiritual realities at stake or even the similarity of all of this to the scenario drawn out in the Bible about how things will be at the time of the Lord's return.

    So go ahead and do all the things that folks have been doing for three years now...

  • Throw me in the category of conspiracy theorist. 
  • Count me among the "anti-troop" detractors. 
  • Put me in the category of un-American, toss my words aside as un-Christian, as political dissent. 
  • Call me a Liberal, or a Democrat, (even though I was a republican when I participated in politics).
  • Cast me out of your proverbial synagogue, condemn me, and call me a fundamentalist.
  • Arrest me, cast me out of your churches, and tell me I am self righteous and judgmental.
  • Tell me I am just saying the same things the doomsday prophets have always said, call my words archaic and irrelevant. 

    But For three years now, we have tried desperately to reason with Christians in America about the realities facing them every day, and of the realities of blindly supporting leadership without having the courage and integrity to stand up for what is right, promote truth to the brethren, and to keep ourselves unspotted from the world on these matters, and I don't regret ONE MINUTE of that time spent!

    Today, as in Germany in the 1930s, Americans do not want to face the reality of what their government is becoming. They are about to walk in the footsteps of repeated history because of their unwillingness to admit the truth, and I LOVE AMERICA enough to speak up!  It is being called “unpatriotic”, “lack of love for country”, “rejecting civil duty”, “rejecting Christian duty” and even manipulative things such as “not supporting the troops”.  Regardless of what that costs, we are not going to sidestep our REAL duty, which is to speak the truth to the ones we love, and to all of our friends and neighbors everywhere.  We hope that you will join us in our efforts to sound the alarms, and to point out the words of scripture, and the principles of our faith, which speak harshly against just about everything that the American government is doing in the middle east today!  GOD BLESS AMERICA!  Yes, please bless it with ears to hear what the spirit is saying to the churches!



    When a friend of ours read this article, having been so repulsed over the last decade about what "patriotism" has come to mean in the Christian Church, she said, "Are you sure you want to make "politically charged statements" like "I love America", and "God Bless America"  especially in light of your site's article on Patriotism?  It actually made her cringe to see those words in an article on our site.  My response to that is that if anyone thinks that this site intends to say that we are called to hate America, they have missed the entire point of our message.  First, "America" is the people in this land first and foremost, it is the government that supposedly stands for them secondly.  Believe it or not, that is what I mean when I say I love America.  I love the people that live here, I love the Christian Church I grew up in, and I care enough to sacrifice any "popularity" I may have had there to tell the hard truth to my friends and fellow Americans.  Obviously I am a citizen of the Kingdom of God first and foremost, and America to me is just a passing, worldly empire, and significantly a very dangerous player on the world stage right now, but when I say "I love America", I am talking about the people.  When I say "God Bless America" I mean the people.  It is the hope of this web page that people reading these articles are actually seeing certain things and they are walking away from these hideous deceptions.  They are not rhetorical statements made to a country that we already have decided is lost and condemned.  We do this in hopes of convincing some of the terrible mistake of offering their spiritual allegiance to a worldly Kingdom like this, and we deeply care about our target audience... American Christians. 

    But importantly, do not mistake these statements to mean that we agree with the kind of credence that these Christian "leaders" give to the nation of America, or the leadership here. The notion that these men so obviously have; that America, (probably the most worldly kingdom in the history of man BAR NONE), has some special place in the world over all other worldly countries that have ever risen among men is exactly the kind of mistake that the scripture warns Christians about again and again, and it is the exact mistake that brings about the conditions that we feel make it important to write an article about how America is expressing so many similarities with Nazi Germany.  Yes I love America, (which again is the people), but I pledge my "allegiance" only to the word of God, and the cross of Jesus Christ, and we hope that other Christians are beginning to see this reality going forward.  Let me ask one rhetorical question, (a question that doesn't need an answer, because the question itself is the answer)...

If certain principles associated with pledging our "allegiance" to the flag of the United States of America, meant that we had to compromise on the principles associated with naming the name of Christ... which allegiance would have to take a more important role at this time in our lives?

    Stay tuned for my Article on the Richard Land letter to George Bush back in 2002 concerning the invasion of Iraq!  It will be a real eye opener, and like the Project For A New American Century article, will show the hard realities that are displayed when examining the words and beliefs of today's Christian leadership!  Out of the heart the mouth speaks!  The article will be called Rendering Unto Caesar! and this link will work when the article is posted.


In Christ, F. E. Reilly

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