Reconstructionism + Dominionism = Warfare Theology!  (April 2005)


    Over the last couple of months we have been examining a couple of the belief systems that are currently circulating in the 21st Century Christian Church, particularly the ones with the headings of Reconstructionist Theology, and also one that is called Dominionist Theology.  Although those who believe these systems of thought do not necessarily call them by these names, this is what the beliefs I will describe here are.  I wish to examine what these beliefs entail, and what can happen in an involuntary combination of these beliefs, which we see today on a huge scale in the Christian Church, as signified by the title of this article.  

    The Christian Church believes that at the close of the age, prior to the coming of the Lord, that Satan and his principalities will mount a full frontal assault on the Church of Jesus Christ, and will make his final bid to bring them into perdition.  We have always known that these deceptions will be aimed NOT AT THE WORLD, CULTS, OR FALSE RELIGIONS, but at the true Church of Jesus Christ.  We also know from the scriptures, in the warnings of the Apostle Paul, that these assaults will be on the doctrines of the Church, and on the beliefs of Christians.  In the Articles on this site entitled, "The Blessings of God", "The Gospel of Convenience", "Patriotism in Light of The Scriptures", "Generation Judas" and "Self Induced Blindness" we have outlined a number of the deceptions we believe that Satan has maneuvered into Church Doctrine, and we would encourage you to read those writings as you find time and opportunity.  You will find the appropriate scripture references to the warnings that Jesus, Paul, and the Disciples gave to believers, warning us of these deceptions in those Articles.  We beseech you in the name of Jesus, in these final hours of history, to find opportunity to read these very important documents!

    However, in this Article, I want to draw your attention to one specific passage of scripture regarding the end times, and the deceptions that we are warned to be prepared for, and that scripture is the whole of the second chapter of 2 Thessalonians...

2 Thessalonians 2:1  Now we beseech you, brethren, by the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, and by our gathering together unto him, 2 áThat ye be not soon shaken in mind, or be troubled, neither by spirit, nor by word, nor by letter as from us, as that the day of Christ is at hand. 3  Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition; 4 áWho opposes and exalts himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God, showing himself that he is God.  5 áRemember ye not, that, when I was yet with you, I told you these things? 6 áAnd now ye know what withholds that he might be revealed in his time. 7 áFor the mystery of iniquity doth already work: only he who now lets will let, until he be taken out of the way. 8 áAnd then shall that Wicked be revealed, whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming: 9 áEven him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders, 10 áAnd with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. 11 áAnd for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: 12 áThat they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness. 

    In the first 12 verses of this passage of scripture, we find a very solemn warning by Paul to the Church.  We will discuss the last 5 verses of the passage later in the Article.  What Paul is basically saying is that the return of the Lord shall not come until a few things happen first.  These things are as follows...

  1. The Man of Sin, (the son of Perdition, called Antichrist by the Church) will be revealed, or will "show up on the scene". (verses 1-9)

  2. He will, with deceit and lies, deceive the Church, using unrighteousness that he fosters in them.  (you may say, "what makes you say the Church?  He says here "In them that Perish"Of course its the Church Paul is talking about here, what need has the Devil to deceive the lost?  They are already deceived! (verse 10)

  3. God, in his anger with their willing participation in this unrighteousness, even their "taking pleasure" in this unrighteousness, will send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie!  (again, why would God send strong delusion to the already diluted, and lost?  This passage is speaking about THE CHURCH!)

    So we have the scenario that Paul has drawn out, of what Satan will do and what his plans will be for the last days, and what he will be trying to accomplish in the Body of Christ.  He will offer some powerful deceptions, or replacements for the truth to the Church of Jesus Christ, many will accept these offerings, and even take pleasure in them, (receive their joy from them, cherish them, and will call them truth), and God will be so angry with these, that he will HIMSELF send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie!  

    This is a very sobering reality, given that most believers think that once they are saved, they are always saved, and that no deception can take them, or make them lose their place in the kingdom...  Another deception.  We have tirelessly pointed out on this site, the reasons why we believe the verses in the Bible pertaining to the last days are taking place, and each time, we have given a detailed discussion as to how we see these things carrying themselves out on the world stage.  This Article will be no exception to this rule.  What Rule?  The rule that we love our Brothers and Sisters in Christ, and will work reverently until the coming of the Lord, to reason with them on areas that we believe Satan would have them walking the broad road to destruction, and we will never give up this purpose!  So Let's talk about the two belief systems I mentioned earlier, and why I believe they are so dangerous, and how they relate to the scripture in 2 Thessalonians Chapter 2.


    This belief system is not new to Christianity, and in fact I believe that certain concepts of it are based in scripture.  The Gospel of Jesus Christ is all about reconstruction, and the complete reconstruction of believers hearts, minds, and lives.  So reconstruction as a concept, is not a deviant concept, and it is evident in scripture.  R. J. Rushdooney is credited by most, as one of the founding fathers of the modern day version of Reconstructionist thought.  One of his more well known comments was...

"In winning a nation for the Gospel, the Sword, as well as the pen must be used." 

    In the modern Christian world, there is a whole "sect" of Christianity that focuses heavy on Reconstructionism.  The modern day concept of Reconstructionism can be defined fairly with the following statements, made by a man named  J. Ligon Duncan, III in an Article on the Subject... 

    "Its most common form, Theonomic Reconstructionism, represents one of the most extreme forms of Fundamentalist Christian thought. It originated in the United States from the Reformed or Calvinistic tradition. Its goal is the peaceful conversion of the United States government to a theocracy, which is based on the Mosaic Law of the Hebrew Scriptures. They intend to achieve this by using the freedom of religion in the US to train a generation of children in private Christian religious schools. Later, their graduates will be charged with the responsibility of creating a new Bible-based political, religious and social order. One of the first tasks of this order will be to eliminate religious freedom. Their eventual goal is to achieve the "Kingdom of God" in which the entire world is converted to Christianity. They feel that the power of God's word will bring about this conversion.  No armed force or insurrection will be needed; in fact, they believe that there will be little opposition to their plan. People will willingly accept it if it is properly presented to them.

    All religions other than Christianity would be suppressed. Nonconforming Evangelical, main line and liberal Christian institutions would no longer be allowed to function. Society would revert to the laws and punishments of the Hebrew Scriptures. Any person who advocated or practiced other religious beliefs would be tried for idolatry and exterminated.  Blasphemy, (defined by them), adultery and homosexual behavior would be criminalized; those found guilty would be executed. To our knowledge, this is the only religious movement in North America in which many of its members advocate genocide for followers of minority religions. Ralph Reed, the executive director of the conservative public policy group of the Christian Coalition has criticized Reconstructionism as "an authoritarian ideology that threatens the most basic civil liberties of a free and democratic society."

    Reconstructionism as it is defined above, is the exact train of thought that we need to have some serious discussion on!  The beliefs in the quotation above, (marked in Blue), I tell you now, are the first part of a puzzle I will piece together here, that will cause you to GASP when you realize what I am pointing out, and it is happening on the world stage right now!  You may be following this design without even realizing it!  Reconstructionist thinking is only the first piece in the puzzle of the fulfillment of some of the most clear and powerful prophecies pertaining to the Last Days!  Let's look at the ideals and goals of the Reconstructionist...

  1. The peaceful conversion of the United States Government into a Theocracy, based on the Old Testament laws of the Bible.

  2. By educating a generation of Young Christians in their schools, they will produce a generation that will know its goals and purposes, and which will take control of the political realm, and form a new, Old Testament Law based, social, political, religious order.

  3. Religious freedom will be eliminated, (of course only because all will be of this new order), and all nonconforming Christian denominations, and other Religions will be outlawed, in the name of establishing the Christian religion as the only one.  Creating "The Kingdom of God"

  4. The elimination of every existence of disagreeing thought and behavior.  Much like the old Testament times, disagreement will be viewed as Idolatry, punishable by death, and all other religions will be eliminated. 

    Most of the ideas of Reconstructionism, which were originally nothing like the ones above, were Biblically based, and are part of sound Christian Doctrine.  Again, the Gospel of Jesus Christ is about reconstruction of the human heart, and the transformation of lives.  So how did Reconstructionism change from sound doctrine, to a militant heresy, destined to bring the Christian church into perdition?  I will discuss Reconstruction, and the problems with the type of Reconstruction above at the end of the Article, but now lets move to the second piece of the puzzle being built here...



    Dominion Theology is also not exactly a new concept on the horizon of the American Christian church either.  This belief system has also passed through a wash of changes.  Francis Schaeffer was one of the prominent Christian activists that were instrumental in bringing about this belief in the streams of Christian belief in America.  Schaeffer believed that Christians needed to take back secular America, and made that very clear in his book "A Christian Manifesto".  His belief was that America was in fact founded on Biblical principles to be a Christian nation, and he blamed the documents called "The Humanist Manifesto 1+2" (1933, and 1973), along with generational waves of immigrants, for the moral decline of the state.  Here are some quotes from his answer to "The Humanist Manifestos" called "The Christian Manifesto"...

    "Christianity is not just a series of truths, but truth. Truth about all of reality.  The holding to that truth intellectually, and in some poor way living upon that truth, the truth of what is, brings fourth not only certain personal results, but also governmental and legal results."  Page 20

    "By way of contrast, the humanist world view has many thousands of adherents, and controls the consensus in society, much of the media, much of what is taught in our schools, and much of the arbitrary law being produced by the various departments of government."  Page 24

    "At this moment we are in a humanistic culture, happily we are not in a totally humanistic culture.  But we must realize that the drift has been all in this direction. If it is not turned around we could move very rapidly into a totally humanistic culture." Page 49

    Schaeffer decries the state of our nation, in that it is overrun by the humanist agenda, and he was certainly right in his observations.  He also says what he believed needed to be done about it..

    "Most fundamentally, our culture, society, government and law are in the condition they are in, not because of a conspiracy, but because the church has forsaken its duty to be the salt of the culture.  It is the Church's duty, (as well as its privilege), to do now what it should have been doing all the time - to use the freedom we do have, to be the salt of the culture.  If the slide toward authoritarianism is to be reversed we need a committed Christian Church that is dedicated to what John W. Whitehead calls "total revolution in a reformative sense"."  Page 56

    He surely believed that Christians were to involve themselves in the political arena, and to wage a war, so to speak, on the powers of darkness.  Here is a statement from chapter 6...

    "The first track is the fact of the conservative swing in the 1980 election. With this, there is at this moment a window open in the United States.  It is unique, because it has been a long long time since this window has been open as it is now."  Page 73  

    Now, this supposed "window" is heralded again since George Bush has been elected.  Christians, taking him at his word that he is one of them, thereby believe that the country is holy, and that it has a divine contract to commit War, "in the name of freedom and liberty" which they somehow equate with the Gospel.   As we have pointed out on this site before, the Devil holds out a false hope to Christians in America that in some way, the government of the United States represents an opportunity, and can be a tool in bringing about a godly nation, and then a godly world.  This is where we part company with American Christians.  As W. C. Kisiel pointed out before, he has them in a 2 way pickle, in that on the left is all manner of Satanic activity, and on the right is a wolf in sheep's clothing, who will also bring about worldly, satanic ends.  It reminds me of what Jesus said:  "If even the light which is in you is darkness, how great is that darkness"  

    Francis Schaeffer believed that this hope existed in the American government, yet he did not intend to bring about some of the things that have been brought about in America.  He surely didn't believe that we needed to bomb abortion clinics, or in taking over the political arena, yet some, citing his works and claiming to be followers of his have done exactly this.  He did not intend to imply that the American Christian church was to dominate the political arena, and thereby use the American Military to dominate the globe,  yet evangelical leaders of our time quoting him almost verbatim have said such.  Here is an example...

    The Reverend D. James Kennedy; "True Christian citizenship, includes a cultural mandate to take dominion over all things as "vice-regents" with God.  (Kennedy, a Reconstructionist, AND a Dominion Theologian, believes, preaches, and influences millions of Christians into a belief system that I am laying out in this Article).  As a matter of fact, I am positive Schaeffer didn't mean this and I can prove it from chapter 9 of "The Christian Manifesto"...

    "There is no New Testament basis for a linking of church and state until Christ the King returns. 

And again....

    "We must not confuse the Kingdom of God with our country, to say it another way, we should not wrap Christianity in our National Flag."  Both from page 121

Continuing my description of Dominion Theology, and what men like Kennedy believe...  

    Christianity, having spiritually become the nation of Israel, or God's chosen seed, have a mandated authority to dominate the globe, as described in Genesis 1: 28-31, in the name of the Word of God, and for the Kingdom of Jesus Christ. All thought and belief contrary to the Christian belief is evil, and must be done away with.  All non Christians are evil, and enemies of Christ and of Christianity.  Until Christianity (America), completes its task of bringing the world into submission to Christianity, the Lord will not come, since we now know that Jesus will return after the millennial reign instead of before. 

    I don't believe anyone who believes this way would admit the term "Dominion Theology" or "Dominionist" as a label that fits them, or describes their thoughts, yet this exact explanation is evident in their writings, their sermons, their books, and in the underlying foundation of everything they say, and it can be seen in their words as the underpinning of their thought.  Of course they are not going to admit that they have no problem at all with the military wipeout of all Islam, (because Islam is evil). There are many Modern day influential teachers who have made it clear that they Believe these two systems of thought, and I will name them shortly.  Dominion Theology, where it pertains to one man ruling over another is not in line with the teachings of the New Covenant or in the Words of Jesus at all, and is not even in line with Genesis 1: 28-31 either.  However, the fact that so many influential Christian leaders accept the current versions of the concepts of Dominion Theology, and Reconstructionism is fairly easily explained.



    Over the past four decades, the Church has undergone a number of things.  It has entered what most believe is the apocalyptic age, and along with that comes for the Christian a certain degree of fear, having known that the scripture predicts a time of trouble and persecution for the Church that will most likely end up in their death.  There have been a number of mass reactions to these realities over the last hundred years.  One would be the emergence of the following beliefs... 

"The Rapture".  Which as most folks know, is a belief not more than 120 or so years old, that the Church will be swept out of the World just prior to the great trouble that Jesus predicted would precede his 2nd coming, and a suddenly reborn mass of believers who will be saved right at that time, will go through that time of trouble.  Having not had time to live for Christ, they will prove their faithfulness in a Martyrs death.  Currently alive Christians shouldn't have to go through that.

"Reconstructionism" is another mass reaction to the fears generated by the fundamental teaching of the Disciples and the Lord that there would be a time of terrible persecution prior to his return.  This, along with the fact that 21st century Christians now completely reject the idea that the Christian walk is a lifelong mission of personal evangelism, and not a lifelong pursuit of wealth, financial blessing, prosperity, and personal fulfillment, have created the need to literally "put off" the coming of the Lord to another time.  The Reconstructionist belief that the Christian Church must first subdue the globe for Christianity before the Lord will come,  serves that purpose very nicely.

"Dominionism"  as described in this Article, also fits nicely into the American Christian need to have plenty of more time to enjoy his wealth, while his "holy" Government, in concert with the "Christian Right" which now controls it, undertakes his new belief that America, God's holy Kingdom, must bring the world into submission for Christianity and hold that reign for one thousand Years before Christ will return, also has the general Christian population feeling pretty comforted, and safe, walking with blinders on, enjoying his wealth, marrying and being given in marriage as the end will certainly not come before this divine task is complete (which means not in his lifetime).  

    When there are so many False Doctrines being thrown at the Church, its not hard to understand how some of them could take hold, and root themselves in the faith.  In the Articles "The Gospel of Convenience" and "The Blessings of God" I detailed what I believe opened the floodgates of deception for the Christian Church in America today, and what opened the door for the things I am describing here, and AGAIN I beseech you, not because I wrote them, not to enhance hits on this site, but in the name of JESUS, and for your own spiritual sake, that you find some time to read those Articles, as they play an important part in receiving the whole picture that we at 11th Hour are desperately trying to draw out for you!  Please do not answer the matter before you hear the whole of it, because I am telling you, some of this stuff is going to cost some folks their eternal fellowship with God!  

    Because these Doctrines have been prevalent in so many influential leaders, they have had no choice but to suffer, as I called it earlier, an "Involuntary Combination", which I believe comes from the common desire of the Church to show unity.  Satan has used even the Church's desire to do what is right against us, in that because these beliefs have been held so tightly in so many circles, that in coming together to "show unity" the Church has had to allow these beliefs to be combined to form a more full and agreeable appearing faith, thereby deepening the grip that these heresies have achieved on the overall Church.  So lets look at the result of this "involuntary combination"...



    Knowing that Reconstructionism believes that the world needs to be reconstructed to conform to the will of God, we know that naturally, the Christian who believes this doctrine feels a confident mandate suggested by the scripture to go out and change the world into the kingdom of God, I.E. to promote the Kingdom of God.  Not so bad so far...  Then this system of thought got fitted into another platform which was the Dominionist thinking that I have mentioned here.  Now we have Christians who believe that we need to subdue and take over the kingdoms that we live in literally, under our own power politically, through activism, so called Civil responsibility, and by taking over the offices and positions that make up the kingdoms of this world.  Now we have a breed of believer that has entered into the kingdom as a ruler, and begins to learn and understand how the kingdoms of this world operate.  Now a number of complications appear on the scene.  The kingdoms of this world work by might and by power, rather than by the spirit of God.  Money is the most powerful and influencing tool in the kingdoms of this world so that in order to be effective in their new worldly positions, they have to accept and submit to the need for vast fortunes of cash in order to be as powerful as they need be to hold those positions.  They also have to accommodate the reality that military might is the preeminent force by which the world is governed, and so adjustments need to be made in our "realization of truth" in order to support our course of action.  In fact a number of MAJOR changes have to be made in our system of beliefs in order to continue on the current course; 

  1. Since it is now revealed to us that the Lord wants us to bring the world into submission to his will, we realize that we now know this has to be done by us and therefore, the Lord will not come until this is done, (about a thousand years from now).

  2. Since we know that the kingdoms of this world are run by might and by power, and not by the spirit of God, we now accept that just for this time, war is a good thing, because we are bringing about the kingdom of God.  So because it is us doing it, it is God's will.

  3. Since it is God's will for us to perform this mission, we now know that for now we, as a country, are under the Old Testament guidelines that Israel was under, and God is with us when we destroy other countries in the name of freedom, and liberty, and the kingdom.

  4. Although it is unfortunate, because this new revelation we see is of God, we know we can be assured that his will is being performed, and so even if millions are killed as a result of our mission, because it is God's will, all who are killed must be evil, and their deaths ok.

    There are a number of other changes we will discuss shortly, but the changes above constitute the progression that the 21st Century Church has undergone, and how the beliefs that began as Reconstructionism, and Dominionism have transformed into Warfare Theology.  The trap was laid, and the Christian Church in America has fallen into it.  Satan invites Christians into the political arena, because this is HIS back yard, and truly, the book of Revelation describes what will happen when this takes place.  And there is no other name that can effectively describe the beliefs of American Christians today than Warfare Theology.  We have been astounded again and again in conversation with Americans and American Christians alike, as they vicariously stumble through the conversation of praising the current administration, and justifying the mass murder of innocent citizens in the name of Jesus Christ, without even so much as a verse of scripture to justify their claims.  Riding the wave of "popular beliefs" and shaming the name of Jesus and all that he taught us to be, in order to stubbornly support the most lost cause since the creation of man.  Deliberately, and in my mind rebelliously turning a blind eye to the tragedy that has become the American New World Order, and the state sponsored murder it commits, insisting that George W. Bush is a Godly man, and that any other opinion is against God.  To quote one of their most beloved "leaders"...  

Charles Stanley said; "People ask me if it is ok as a Christian to support the war in Iraq, and I say, it is UNCHRISTIAN not to"   

    Charles Stanley is not the only highly visible world Christian leader today that supports Warfare Theology either.  In fact the list of men that proclaim the holiness of our current president, and the divine purpose of his mission being the reign of Christ reads like the who's who in Christianity today.  Pat Robertson is clearly an avid supporter of this new age revelation.  Chuck Swindoll, Jerry Fallwell, D. James Kennedy, Randal Terry, Dr. James Dobson, The Billy Graham ministries, Bennie Hinn, The Hadens,  Creflo Dollar, and countless other influential, highly visible ministries are supporting the current actions of the United States Government as a mission ordained by God.  

    Soon, the Largest Ecumenical movement in the history of the world, will find all of Christianity again under the leadership of the Catholic Church, where the Pope will also be in support of the American New World Order system, and we will then be in the final hours of history!  Never in the history of the Church, have the true believers of Christ accepted War, and military uprising as a method of doing God's work.  (exception: Germany!)  This is the appearance of the doctrine we are calling WARFARE THEOLOGY.  Even Jesus told the zealots that his kingdom would not be established by fighting and bloodshed, in fact, they rejected him for it, as did all of those who yelled "Crucify him, Crucify him!"  unlike the leaders of the Christian community, and the Leaders of this government, and of our seminaries all over this land, we know that Jesus Christ was a passivist in terms of militant activity, as he taught a new law of love and peace, and to cast him as a man of war so that we can condone a government that by its actions will actually end up protecting our "blessings" is borderline blasphemy and we believe, constitutes the reason that the Strong Delusion was to be sent in the first place.



    It will truly be the darkest day in the history of man, and we are witnesses to the birth of this tragedy!  One might be prone to ask, what do you think happened to put the lion's share of Christianity in a place where they would take such a violent turn away from the foundational aspects of what was the Christian faith just 30 years ago?  Again, as we have stated, we believe it is a cacophony of items, topped off by the tragedy of the 911 attacks, that have led to this place among them:

  1. The American Church's acceptance of the Doctrine that God's Blessing is found in Money, wealth, luxury and comforts, and in laying up treasures in this life.  These occurrences, and when they happened are detailed in the Articles, The Blessings of God, The Gospel of Convenience, and in The Investing Christian

  2. The rise of Dominion Theology in the Doctrines of Christianity today is no small part of what brings us to this place in history. These things have also been discussed in the following Articles; Patriotism In Light Of The ScripturesJust Lay It Down! 

  3. The fateful combination of these doctrines with the justifying belief in Reconstruction of the world have transformed the Church of Jesus Christ in America to a frightful and ominous player on the world stage at this time.  See the following for more details; Warfare Theology And The Coming 4th Reich, and Generation Judas.

    As W. C. Kisiel pointed out a few times on this site, there is no where in scripture where we find that a "great and holy" nation will rise up and bring the world into submission to Christ, bringing about his second coming.  Yet, the Christian Church in America can't understand why the greatest country the world has ever seen seems not to be mentioned in scripture, a scripture mind you, that has accurately labeled every major world kingdom with frightful accuracy and clarity.  They can walk along totally feeling ok with the idea that America is never mentioned in the Word of God, while denying the painfully obvious!  This is just the most amazing thing I have seen, as I look around me today.  

    What is even more scary than all of this is that the so called "Leaders" of the evangelical church are so desperately blind to what all of their teachings have brought about on the world stage!  The absolute unwillingness of the World evangelical Church to place America in the scriptures, due to the fact that the only place it could possibly fit, is the great and powerful kingdom that arises, from which the Son of Perdition comes, places the Church in a very dangerous place, looking for a way to direct America and proceed forward, not realizing that all of these newly constructed beliefs, designed to give America a holy face and a Godly mission cause them to walk in the very footsteps they so completely deny America is walking in.  

    For instance, is it a coincidence that the Church used to believe and speak regularly about a powerful Kingdom that would rise up and dominate the world under false religious terms, and after becoming a dictatorship of massive proportions produce the Son of Perdition, persecute true believers all over the world, and eventually be destroyed by the Lord at his coming? That this great Kingdom would "Stamp the residue with its feet"?  That it would dominate the world?  Is it true that this has NOT occurred yet?  Obviously it hasn't.  How does that explain that the Christian Church now believes that it is to turn America into a Godly country, and use its influence and strength to bring the world into submission to its faith?  How is it that all of the Church's newly defined End times beliefs, and its current support for the government, find an EXACT depiction on the world stage of the Woman riding the Beast of revelation 17?  How is it that the newly accepted belief that America is to dominate the globe for Christ, has them doing EXACTLY the things that they USED to believe the Antichrist's Kingdom would do?  How did the Church in America come to a place where it could justify killing, and revenge as a Godly mission?

    The truth is, that the Bible could not, in its amazing accuracy and precision, fail to mention a country like America.  To believe that it could is foolish and ridiculous notion, that no true believer in our Great God could swallow.  The truth is, that the American Christian Church, due to its love for money, wealth and privilege, power, and its amazingly arrogant and imperialistic belief that it is something special spiritually, and therefore has permission from God to go about trampling other nations under foot, and pillaging their natural resources under false pretences, in the name of freedom and liberty, and most significantly its belief that the Lord will now come AFTER they execute his millennial reign for him by political activism, is what has labeled America for its true place in scripture, and in fact the only place in scripture that it can possibly fulfill, and that is the kingdom of the Son Of Perdition, which I expect will show up on the scene within the next few years, and finish out the prophecies of the Bible as has been expected by the true Church and its believers for 2000 years now.  

    Make no mistake about it, walking around in its new beliefs that profess the LIE that Christ will be absent for his own millennial reign, which he left us no instruction on how to execute in his word, constitute the strong delusion that was promised to a generation of apostate believers that have chosen Money, luxury and 401Ks over evangelism, striving with Sin, and reaching for the high call of God in Christ Jesus. This fact has created the exact conditions that the American Christian swears there is no way America could walk in, and is what the point of this Article is written to speak to.

    Satan has for decades fostered into Church doctrine, The love for Money, compromise with Sin, and a willingness to over look murder and international robbery, in order to bring about HIS designs for the end times as predicted by the scriptures.  America has taken the place of the Prophetic Babylon, and for the average Christian, the 911 attacks were the exact tool Satan needed to use to put the Church in support of a worldly government, by way of their love for their country, and their fellow countrymen.  The foolish and ridiculous notion that "Some other" country is soon to rise up and stand in those shoes, is just another part of the delusion that they are being made to believe, and it seems that this is the very delusion that was mentioned in the second chapter of 2 Thessalonians.  Jesus spoke repeatedly about the dangers of following a life of building wealth and expressed his clear thoughts on what the results of that life would be, as did Paul, John, James, Peter in just about every book in the New Testament.  Paul predicted that a generation of Believers would fall prey to these very deceptions, and that they would take great pleasure in them, and proclaimed what God's reaction to that spiritual adultery would be.  

    We have detailed how and who Satan has used in the past four decades to bring about these conditions, and we have made it clear that it is our call as followers of Christ, and as members of his Church to speak the truth without regard for the consequences of that speech, and to do whatever we can to warn any who have ears to hear, of the deceptions of the devil.  This brings us to the end of the Article, and the last 5 verses of that chapter of 2 Thessalonians...

2 Thessalonians 13-17  But we are bound to give thanks always to God for you, brethren beloved of the Lord, because God hath from the beginning chosen you to salvation through sanctification of the Spirit and belief of the truth: áWhereunto he called you by our gospel, to the obtaining of the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Therefore brethren, stand fast, and hold the traditions which ye have been taught, whether by word, or our epistle.  Now our Lord Jesus Christ himself, and God, even our Father, which hath loved us, and hath given us everlasting consolation and good hope through grace, áComfort your hearts, and establish you in every good word and work.

    We can only hope and pray, that this will be understood by everyone who reads this, and all of the other Articles on this site.  We believe in the Christian Church, and we believe that there are many who will open their eyes to the things that are being said here, and will understand that our mission is not to bash America, or to condemn Christians!  Our mission remains the same as it has been since Our Lord departed, and that is to be watchful and to prepare and be ready for the times of deception, to share the true Gospel of Christ with everyone around us, one on one, and to "work out our salvation with fear and trembling".  

    The Word of God is unchanging, and the Gospel doesn't adhere to the conforming beliefs of people who have strayed from the true purpose of preaching.  Many Televangelists turned off of the road of the Gospel, and made their ministries about money and the accumulation of wealth, and in order to justify these lifestyles, they needed to preach what is today called the "Prosperity Gospel" which has inadvertently led literally millions of believers down a dark and eternally dangerous road.  These last 5 verses of 2 Thess. 2, express what we feel towards those who will read this article.  We believe that you and many others will finally break at some point and realize that the American Christian Church has fallen into the peril of the Strong Delusion that was promised.  Pray Brother, Sister, seek his wisdom and search the Bible that so many have put down for years, as they just go about accepting the in-vogue trends of modern day Christian teaching.  read the referenced Articles pointed out here, remember the REAL events we describe, and understand their implications.  We don't even know how much longer sites like this one will be allowed to continue in this country, this is how far the progression has come! We pray that some will see the dangers that lie ahead.  Repent, leave the kingdoms of this world behind, and walk again in the Kingdom of God!


In Christ, F.E.Reilly


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