I figured a few people might like some help interpreting the new age talk that circulates around the globe relative to the War on Terror.  It is sometimes difficult to understand what people mean by what they say.  For those not so versed in the language of the political realm to which so many Christians now look to for safety, provision and guidance, we figured this will be a helpful reference toward both hearing AND understanding the language of the War on Terror... 

    Pardon the certain degree of sarcasm that this piece presents but things are just getting ridiculous here.  These are real, they are not all that far from what is both actual, and inferred terms for the following subjects... Think about it.




TERRORISM - a. The state of being in opposition to and resisting American global expansion. b. Any military action, defensive or aggressive that is in opposition to any American action abroad or at home.


TERRORIST - a. A Soldier, mostly Muslim, in any land fighting any government that America approves of. b. Any foreign Soldier who does anything an American Soldier is ordered to do, except that he does it in the name of any other religion, or in opposition to any American interest.  (See "evil")


FREEDOM FIGHTER - a. A Soldier in any land fighting a government that America does not approve of. b. Any foreign Soldier who fights and kills in the name of Christianity, although exceptions can be made for Islamic fighters, as long as the government is one that America does not approve of.


AXIS OF EVIL - a. All remaining countries that are in any way related to Islam, or Communism, and are against American global expansion. Usually holding massive Oil reserves, (but sometimes just because they are commies.)


EVIL - a. Anything that is not in line with American policy, American interest, and American global expansion.  b. All disagreement with American Policy, or it's suggestions for any region in any part of the world.  c. Any act or belief that is considered "un-American" or "un-Christian" by mainstream America.


JUST WARS - a. Wars undertaken by Western powers, whether or not they were based on lies and falsehoods, visa vie actions become just according to who performs them. (see "right") b. A divine mission and call of God.


JIHAD - a. Wars undertaken, mostly by Islamic peoples, whether or not they are based on any sound principle of thinking. (see "wrong") b. A divine mission and call of God.


RIGHT - a. All things that the Western powers set out to do, by virtue of again, who is doing it.  b. Right:  now defined not by the moral or ethical examination of an action, but by who it is that performs that action. (see "evil")


WRONG - b. All things that Islamic or Communist Powers set out to do, by virtue of who is doing it. (see "right"), b. Wrong: now defined not by the moral or ethical examination of an action, but by who it is that performs that action. (see "right")


THE SPREAD OF FREEDOM - a. Any military action or occupation of any land by The United States Of America.  b. Any action, demonstration, or statement by any World leader that supports or agrees with American interest.


PATRIOT ACT 1 -  a. The legalization of the complete and total removal of all American citizenship freedoms and liberties. b. A quietly slipped through document removing freedom from American life, at the discretion of the American Military. c. Martial Law, and emergency powers at the drop if a hat, now legally imposed at the discretion of leadership. d. The permanent declaration of Martial law.


PATRIOT ACT 2 -  Opps!  a. We forgot some stuff.  b. We left out some dictates we want to be allowed to impose, and we now take advantage of your fear to do so before you fear subsides and you come back to your senses.


NATIONAL SECURITY - a. Any atrocity that America commits on it's own, or on other peoples in any land that furthers American global expansion. b. What ever we say it is, and as a justification for all that the administration does.




    These are more specific terms American Politicians use to describe their actions, and the more clarified definitions.  These are more specific to the War on Terror as opposed to the General Terms which apply to everything in the section above...


SERIOUS CONCERNS - (Often a Condoleezza Rice "euphamage"). a. Looking for an excuse to invade the country, or to remove the leader of such country from power. b. Looking for an excuse to cause a revolution or an uprising in certain countries.


FURTHER INVESTIGATION - a. Will be looking to trump the charges up to a degree that justifies invasion or covert action. (not withstanding the definition of "right")  b. Looking for a fall guy upon whom we can lay the blame for false information used to commit actions against such leader or said country. (see "intelligence suggests")


INTELLIGENCE SUGGESTS - a. The excuse American officials have come up with in the absence of sound data, to do the things they feel the need to do globally. b.  usually the result of speculation of another country's intelligence community that fits the agenda of American political leaders abroad.


MILITARY DOMINATION - a. The occupation of any land, by any country other than America. b. Any peacekeeping or stabilizing occupation of any land in the world not undertaken by America.


LIBERATION - a. The occupation of any land, or any country by America b. Any peacekeeping or stabilizing occupation of any land in the world undertaken by America.


ACCOUNTABILITY - (Usually demanded by the Secretary of State). a. Only applicable to foreign leaders and dignitaries.  b. Never applies to any American official, except when as an act of self sacrifice to clear a more important American official.


ENEMY COMBATANT - a. Any soldier or person in any country that speaks or acts against American Interest. (see "terrorist")


PERSON OF INTEREST - a. A term of intimidation imposed on any American citizen who openly disagrees with American policy, knowing that at some time their popularity may rise to a level that actually means something. b. An Acknowledgment by the government that we may need to remove this person at some point. (see "terrorist" or "enemy combatant")


MASS GRAVES - a. Burial sites of those killed by leaders of other countries for any reason whatsoever. b.  Usually a burial site containing more than 100 bodies. examples: The mass graves of Kurds killed by the government of Turkey, or Iraq. The mass graves of Iraqi citizens killed by Saddam Hussein.


CASUALTIES OF WAR - a. Burial sites of those killed by American Military actions for any reason whatsoever. b.  Usually a burial site containing more than 100 bodies. examples: The burial sites of the Iraqi service men killed in "Operation Desert Storm", and the 550,000 - 1,000,000 non military Iraqis killed since 2001.

BODY COUNT - a. An accounting that the American Military never undertakes in, relative to the people, soldiers, and citizens that it has killed.  b.  An accounting the American Military executes with brilliant accuracy relative to the deaths of Americans, whether the result of its own actions or not.




    It would serve the same interests of the rest of this article when one is wading through the valley of indecision, and examining modern Christianity as an institutional entity as a viable religious body to follow as well.  We have rendered the mainstream definitions for certain terms used by the Church today as well.


POLITICAL ACTIVISM - A divine call of God. b. The absolute, and blindly assigned approval of all that American political personalities, (especially those who name the name of Jesus), undertake. b.  Total approval of actions, with absolutely no personal investigation into the soundness or truth of certain activities. (see "patriotism")


PATRIOTISM - a. Total and unequivocal support for current administration policies. b. Passionate and even vehement denial of all who ask questions regarding the truthfulness of certain actions by government, up to and including the condemnation of said persons with such questions eternal souls, and their entire belief systems.  c. Refusal to acknowledge or in any way validate any fact that presents a reality or a possibility that American officials lie. d. Blind, uninformed support at all costs (truth is relative anyway). e. Even upon realizing certain truths concerning government action, one must justify and ignore such facts in the interest of "the greater good". (the ends justifies the means). f.  The equation of citizenship in the kingdom of America, with citizenship in the kingdom of God.


TRUTH - a. Any principle, accusation, or statement by American officials concerning other countries and their leaders. b. Whatever the government says is the case in any given situation. c. George W. Bush's every word. (newly added definition). d.  As long as a person who has written a book or is on TV says it, it is truth.


BLESSINGS FROM GOD - a. Any material possession that makes a person's life more comfortable and enjoyable. b. Money. c. Any luxury or benefit that we receive, in spite of less fortunate folks who love God not receiving it, is a Blessing of God, which shows he approves more of us than the poor. d. Stock Market holdings that return a substantial profit for our investment, for a luxurious retirement, regardless of whether or not it was earned on the backs of starving and impoverished workers in foreign lands.  (we did not make the decisions that brought about those conditions, so profiting from them is ok. Oppressing the hireling in his wages only applies to the guy doing it, not the guy profiting from it) 


REVIVAL - a. The current wave of Political activism, and support for the War on Terror that is bringing the masses into the Christian faith. b. The Church's newly accepted level of fascism revelation, that God has anointed the American Government to dominate the Globe in the name of Jesus. c. The bursting wave of evangelical Christians returning to Church and faith, who now realize America's divine calling.


JUDGMENTAL - a. The act of disagreeing with American Christian, or Governmental actions. b. Any statement of fact that opposes the mainstream view of world affairs. c. Any mention of sin, by any person of any religion in any place in the world. (see "Bible bashing")


BIBLE BASHING - a. Any use of scripture to point out error of any kind in any situation. b. Especially any use of scripture that implies that American Christian Leadership is teaching false doctrine.


PRAYING FOR CHURCH LEADERS - a. Supporting anything and everything Leaders say, regardless of their teachings alignment with Scripture, and the setting aside of scriptural truth for more "inspired" modern teaching.


SUPPORT FOR SECULAR LEADERS - Blindly and totally supporting secular leadership even if it is in a gross dereliction of scripture. (see "Patriotism")


OLD TESTAMENT - Applies to the US government, and individuals in that government, so that it can fulfill its divine mission.


NEW TESTAMENT -  Applies to the Individual, but only if it doesn't bring discomfort or inconvenience.  Then, the Old Testament applies.  (see "old testament")



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