Ok Harsh Words here, I can't help it.  I am just tired of the complete brazenness of the membership of the Governing elite, and the hideous onward churning of the realities around us, and no one says a word!  I saw an article today that infuriated me, and I have to say so!  It also ties into a thought that has been haunting me since the beginning of 2002, and even given the straight forwardness of the Articles on this site, and the unrelenting and unwavering adherence to the word that we display, I guarantee this one is going to stir some folks up.

    The article I read was posted on CNN, and it basically detailed how the Administration wants to give a $250k total benefit to the families of the fallen soldiers in Iraq, and in the war on terror.  I think this is a good thing and should have been the case, along with better wages for soldiers for many decades, but it reminded me of something I have been biting my tongue about for a long time, and I think its time to say it. 

    In the beginning of 2002, the government of the united states decided to extend to the families of the victims of the tragic 911 attacks approximately 2.1 million dollars a piece, which benefits have been almost completely paid out at this time. I have been choking on this fact for over two years now, and I want to lay out a situation that most probably don't consider.  For those of you that read my "Right From The Horse's Mouth" article, you will surely know where I am going here, and I would encourage anyone who reads this article right here, and says "What the heck are you talking about man?" To read that article and you will know exactly where I am coming from on this.

    As I stated in the Right From The Horse's Mouth article, this government WELCOMES the current events in world history for some very clear and "long suffered for" ends.  The desire to dominate the globe, and to control all "critical regions" in the world, is the motivation for everything that our military machine is now mobilized for, and this state of affairs has been drooled for by the men currently running the country for over a decade, and there is no denying that after reading my review of their document "Rebuilding America's Defenses".  So what am I talking about?


    Why in the world, would a government that does not even take responsibility when its agents accidentally enter the wrong house and kill innocent people, a country in which even local Police can not be held responsible for accidental deaths caused by officers in the line of duty, a government that can not even forgive the $1200.00 tax bill of a person who has suffered a life threatening medical situation, and will collect on that bill from the person after they return to work even as much as 10 years later, or from that person's estate, because they will not be denied a penny, feel compelled to shell out as much as 6 Billion dollars to people it did absolutely nothing to, was not responsible for, and did nothing to incite or bring about their deaths?  Why would this government give the families that money and call it "settlements"?  

    Did this government give any additional benefits to the soldiers and civilians that were killed at Pearl Harbor?  No it did not.   Did it give increased death benefits to the veterans that died in combat in any war at all from WW1 through the Vietnam War?  No it did not.  Of course it didn't, that would have been ludicrous.  They weren't responsible for those things, it wasn't their fault, and beyond their desire to protect their interests in those situations, they didn't do those things, so why should they? We have a volunteer service, and men joining the service know full right well that their families are only going to get 12 thousand bucks, ( as disgusting as that is) so in their way of thinking: why should they? Well the truth is they shouldn't have, didn't have to, and they knew it.

    I know that this country's leaders claim to be Christians and believers in God, and I also know that they have a certain sense of "right and wrong" (although very subjective), and that to a certain extent, in their own diluted and twisted way, they justify their actions in one way or another.  As I pointed out in the Right from the Horse's Mouth article, the attacks of 911 became what I am calling a welcome springboard off of which this governing body was able to begin to accomplish items that had sat unattended to on their agenda's for decades, and they jumped the opportunity like wild men.  In this fact rests the truth about the current desire to extend these higher benefits to the soldiers killed in "The War on Terror", and the reasons for the exorbitant "settlements" that were given to the families of the 911 victims.  how so?



    The government is currently calling this benefit a gratuity.  What is a gratuity?  A gratuity has a few meanings.  A tip that you give a waitress for a job well done, is considered a gratuity. It is an "above and beyond" the necessary expectation of thanks, given in a situation.  Having worked in retail, and in the business world in the past, I have learned other definitions of the word.  For instance, if a Sales rep is speaking to the buyer of a company, about the buyer's company carrying his products, often times if the buyer makes the purchase, and begins a relationship with that sales Rep's company, The sales rep will give some kind of a gift to the buyer for his acceptance of that business. The gift's size and value often reflect the size of the account he has secured with the company. Although most companies do not condone these practices, they are common place.  So no matter what light under which you look at a gratuity, it is an expression of extreme thanks, and appreciation, and in some cases, maybe even this one, admitted responsibility.

    Because I don't believe that this government was either surprised, or overwhelmed by the events leading up to the War on Terror, and that they are in fact grateful that they finally have the public's support to go ahead and do the things that they have been desperately wanting to do since 1992, I submit that the gratuity does not come for the country's sudden realization that soldiers deserve more money, especially in a time when the debts of said government are more massive than they can possibly deal with, nearly as much as it springs from the hearts of men who are ecstatic that they finally get to live out their domination binge freely, and with the country's support.  Men who are gladly, and gratuitously profiteering from the current military affairs.  It is presented in a way that sounds all ideal and based on "truth and justice" when really these guys are literally falling all over themselves in appreciation of the innocent men who are sacrificing their lives, to accomplish the imperialistic goals and capitalistic objectives of these men, while they keep them there double the time that the soldiers volunteered for, in a war that accomplishes nothing other than "projecting American power across the globe" and "securing the vital regions of American interest" and places 14 permanent bases in a place we will be leaving shortly. (choke).

    You see folks, the "War on Terror" accomplishes a lot more for the men who currently run this country than "getting the bad guys".  It accomplishes every single aspect of the document I outlined in the Right From The Horse's Mouth article, and more.  It is a free license, given by the American people, to do that which this set of rulers would have found a way to do no matter what, and for that they are thankful... unprecedented thankful!  In the conscience of these men, men that believe that money and power is everything in life, increasing the benefit for these men 20 fold, is most likely an act of some twisted attrition on their part, to clear what little consciences that they have left, of the NEEDLESS deaths of the soldiers killed in this War.  

    Senator Carl Levin of Michigan said that he agreed with Bush's plan, but that he thought "it should be extended to ALL American service members killed in the line of duty".  WELL DUH!  Hello Carl??... Levin!  Wake up!  Yes it should, but WHY DO YOU THINK ITS NOT BEING OFFERED??  Ok maybe its true, Democrats are too dumb to run this country!  What manner of absolute naiveté can not see that this is DIFFERENT!  This serves PURPOSES, it accomplishes long time GOALS.  Goals that this governing body are eager to reward for.  For crying out loud, how does this stuff go unnoticed??  Do these people not even see that the men in our government are holding stock in the companies that are making billions on the "War on Terror"??  Brothers and Sisters PLEASE!



    Ok, so what was I saying about the 911 "Settlements"?  I imagine the undying Christian supporter of the Bush Administration in 2005, would even need it spelled out for him after reading the fist few sections of this article, so I will labor to make my point.  After the 911 attacks there couldn't possibly be anyone in the country that didn't hear all the speculation that the coming attacks were known about before they happened.  There were some who even went as far as to say that they were purposely overlooked, as the corridors of power believed that they would provide the platform to accomplish exactly what they are now accomplishing.      I don't believe that it was quite that deliberate, and we do not endorse writings or opinions that say these things, but what we have said, is that these events were welcome changes on the public landscape, for the reasons we have stated many times.  If that is viewed as saying pretty much the same thing, well then so be it.  It can't be any more obvious in hind sight, that that was in fact the result, since the Bush Administration, with unprecedented speed jumped on the opportunity, in so much as to not even finish the job in Afghanistan, because they were so frothing at the mouth to get into Iraq, and begin what amounts to the most incredible display of War profiteering that has ever been witnessed in the World.  Yes, even if they had nothing to do with allowing those attackers through, they took advantage of the situation as if they had.



    What I am saying here, is that when the most greedy, money grubbing, opportunistic government that the World has ever known, a government that takes no thought of killing hundreds of thousands of people to accomplish its arcane, and self serving goals, who can scream lamentations when it discovers the mass graves that Saddam Hussein filled with bodies, yet walk right over the mass graves they filled in 1991, and since 2002 without batting an eyelash, a government that cries hideous foul, when 3000 Americans are killed, yet doesn't allow news of the 100,000 plus civilian deaths so far in Iraq to ever reach the American airways, takes responsibility as this one did when it felt the need to exorbitantly compensate the people who lost loved ones in the tragedy of 911, it causes a lot of folks to raise their eyebrows and say, "what the heck was that all about?"  It is truly an ominous development.  

    What am I saying you still may be asking?  Straight out - I am saying that either this government knew that the families of the 911 victims would open a horrendous can of worms when they filed suit against the government for the loss of their loved ones and bought them off, or they did in fact know as some have speculated, that these attacks were imminent, but because they served purposes so profoundly important to them, that they did nothing to stop them, and took what "men like them" believe would be the "right thing to do" and settled those law suits out of court on a grandiose scale, again to clear what pittance of a conscience men like these have left.  Is that clear enough for you?  Let me spell it out clearer, so I don't get a knock on my door tomorrow night...  

  1. What I AM NOT saying is that those families didn't deserve that money, as I definitely feel they did and do.  

  2. What I AM NOT saying is that I have any information what so ever that supports the idea that our government allowed those attacks to take place knowingly. 

  3. What I AM saying is that this government doesn't give away 6 billion dollars, when it has no responsibility to do so, unless there is an enormously huge political cloud hanging over their heads, and I think that is exactly what 911 was.

  4. What I AM saying is that it WAS NOT because our current leaders are some Holy, Godly men, and these developments are a showing of that fact.



    Yes you are right, I don't have any information and neither does anyone else to support the idea that the attacks were allowed to happen, and I don't preach that at all, but what we do state quite frankly and clearly all over this site, is that there are some very ominous questions hanging in the air, and also that this government knows full right well, that every attack that occurs on this land, or against any American, in any land, is the result of their actions, and their treatment of international peoples, and furthermore, that they are making billions of dollars as a result of those events.  Unfortunately, when worldly, dark, self serving, and greedy groups of people claim to have a sense of Godliness along with their divinely appointed mission of freedom and liberty, with some twisted semblance of righteousness attached to it, you will see them make lame and ridiculous attempts to "make things right" with their consciences, such as you see outlined in this article.

    Some supporters of the current leaders of this country, reading this article may say to themselves... 

  1. "Cant you see, that this type of stuff is the doing of George Bush.  He is a man who believes in God, and he is trying to help the people who suffered these terrible tragedies at the hands of these evil people!" or 

  2. "Isn't it the right thing to do, to give our soldier's families some better compensation when they lose their loved ones defending liberty in foreign lands?"

    Ok thank you for those questions, and let me take those one at a time...

Question 1

    On the first item above, I can honestly see why most Christians in America would think these things, and I place the blame for that on the "big time" television preachers of our day, such as Pat Robertson, Charles Stanley, James Dobson, and radio personalities such as Chuck Colson, Albert Mueller, Janet Parshel, Charles Swindoll and the like.  

    Why?  Because it has been the full time job of these men and women, who have established themselves and appointed themselves the leaders of the Christian World today, for the last 4+ years to drum into the American Christian mindset with their auxiliary sermons, and political cheerleading, that the deeds of the George W. Bush administration, regardless of what they see reported on the "liberal media" outlets of our day (as if they were all liberal), are a divine purpose of God, and that he is anointed to perform them.  So in the LONG ESTABLISHED tradition of the 20th and 21st century Church, most Christians stick to the IN VOGUE ideas fed to them by these people as "of God" without ever lifting a finger to investigate these things or for that matter, to even pick up the scriptures, and test these things with the word of God and they just "fall in line" and hold these teachings as gospel.  This is a scary and surreal development on the world stage, and again, we have been sounding your alarms here for 14 months to the contrary, (and will continue to do so).  Jesus warned us that times would come when some would come and say they were of Christ, or that they were brethren, and that they were in fact going to be ravenous wolves.  With all of the information that is available to Christians today, I just can not believe that so many are not opening their eyes to the hideous things that are being done by these men!

Question 2

    On the Second point above, I would like to say that it IS right to give the soldiers that defend your country not only a better death benefit, but a better life, in the form of a half decent wage, one thing that this country has NEVER been guilty of.  But the real question that rests in that question above is on the "defending your freedom" part.  In no way shape or form are the soldiers of the United States military defending the freedom of America in Iraq today.  We were never in any danger of losing our freedom or our liberty from the people of Iraq.  The people of Iraq did not attack us on 911, and furthermore, they did not have any weapons of mass destruction, any significant stores of chemical weapons, or even ONE missile that could fly further than the 90 mile limit that was imposed on them after the 1991 war there.  So why did we have to sacrifice 1500 soldiers so far?  Why do we have to spend a couple hundred Billion there?  Why did we need to build 14 permanent bases in Iraq?  This is the part that kills me the most!  

    In order to answer those questions, we need to ask not what I think, or what you think, we need to ask what exactly HAS been accomplished so far in Iraq?  Well there have been some very definite things accomplished, I wonder if all of them are accidents, or if any of them are succeeded in goals?

  1. The Saddam Hussein regime was over thrown. 

  2. Terrorists in the world are very unlikely to come to America, and endanger the lives of the American elite, as they did on 911, because they have 140,000 decoys in Iraq.

  3. The Oil producing infrastructure of Iraq has been fully restored to operation.

  4. Perfect positioning has been accomplished for Syria, and Iran intelligence gathering operations.

  5. The Country of Iraq is trading on the dollar again.

  6. America has built 14 permanent bases in Iraq.

  7. The Companies that our leaders hold stocks in are in control of all of the following...

  1. Supplying the soldiers with food and water, clothing, medical supplies, toiletries.

  2. Supplying the war effort with fuel, (jet, ship, helicopter, vehicle) ammo, guns, electronic equipment, communications equipment, gas masks, tanks, jets, missiles, munitions (explosives and grenades), radios, vehiclesnight vision technology, radar equipment, info red, etc.

  3. Running the daily operations of Security, oil production, crowd control, 

    What exactly did the people of America think the 87 Billion was for?  Who exactly did the people think that money was being paid to?  What about all that information in the article entitled "Right From The Horse's Mouth" about the long standing goals of the men now running the government?  What about the fact that not one of the above mentioned accomplishments have anything at all to do with the "War on Terror"?  I'm sorry, but there is almost no standpoint from which I can view any of the things pertaining to the War in Iraq, the absolute proliferation of American military bases across the globe, and the current administration's activities in the international community as a divine mission assigned to it by God.  There is so much Greed, murder, innocent bloodshed, oppression, and out and out violations of the words of Jesus Christ, that this can only be the one and only thing that it is described as in the scriptures, and we have made that clear all over this site!

    We beg of you Christian!  Open your Bible!  Stop taking the "Party line" as truth that stands even higher in your heart than the scriptures!  Don't let the current Tsunami of Apostasy, Love of Money, hatred of men, accumulation of riches, and the out and out taking of pleasure in Wars, lies, deceit and unrighteousness take you down!  

And finally, please, do yourself a favor, read My Article, "Right From the Horse's Mouth" and the one by W. C. Kisiel,  "Self-Induced Blindness"  Watch and Prepare!


In Christ, F.E.Reilly

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