The same body of men who crucified the Lord, now speaking up for God??

    I often wondered how Revelation 1:7  Behold, he cometh with clouds; and every eye shall see him, and they also which pierced him: and all kindred of the earth shall wail because of him. Even so, Amen.  could take place, when the Sanhedrin, who manipulated the Romans to kill Jesus Christ, have not been in existence since 70AD.  Somewhere in my heart I think I knew this day would come, and I rejoice to see it!  Think of it!  How much justice and perfection is in the reconvening of the Sanhedrin at this time in history, if the coming of the Lord is truly at hand as we believe it is!  Just another in a LONG series of puzzle pieces fitting into place on the World stage, since Israel took its land in 1948, and the city of Jerusalem in 1967.  This can not be a coincidence!  There can be no doubt that this is a divine manifestation of the final stages of God's redemptive plan forming AT THIS TIME!!  It makes perfect sense, given the love of Christ, that the Sanhedrin will probably be among the ones who flee into the wilderness, and will mourn for him at his return, and I wouldn't find it unbelievable, that the master of forgiveness would save them!

For near 2000 years, the Sanhedrin has been in the valley of bones.    One thing I did not expect, although we know the scripture says that Israel will forget its identity, and in the end time reclaim it,  I didn't expect the Sanhedrin to be the body in Israel that would speak out against, and try to block the attempts to make peace with Palestine as it now seems it will.  (this is how it will be perceived by America, and the secular government of Israel) What it actually is doing is right in that it is asserting especially in number 12 below, that the land of Israel belongs to Israel and they see this giving some of it up as a transgression against God.  Which thing it may very well be!  

    It is amazing to think that the Sanhedrin, standing up for the promises of God may find itself in a whole heap of trouble with the secular Government in the very near future, or that after a civil war breaks out, and even if the Sanhedrin again run Israel, and enforce the beliefs in the document below, they will find themselves in that same heap of trouble with the international community for their unwillingness to allow the peace process, and some "compromise" to take place, which may even forfeit for them the support of their "great protector!  Hmmm, more pieces falling into place in timely fashion!  But who would have figured, that after Arafat died, that it would be the Sanhedrin of all entities, that would rise up against the "peace process"?  The following is the newly reconvened Sanhedrin's declaration, found at the "Temple Institute" web site, about the Sharon plan to pull out of Gaza...



Since its meeting on 28th Shvat 5765, the Sanhedrin has deliberated the initiative of the Prime Minister of Israel, the decisions of the government, and legislation enacted by the Knesset regarding the plan known as "The Disengagement," henceforth referred to in this document as "the uprooting."

This plan involves the uprooting of Jewish communities in the Gaza strip and northern Samaria, the forced expulsion of Jews from their homes, and the willful transfer of these lands to a foreign power.

Following an intensive study which took place regarding the halachic (authentic Jewish law) questions that arise from the government's decision, the Sanhedrin hereby brings its conclusions and decisions to the public's attention.

1). The Prime Minister's program of uprooting stands in direct contradiction to the Torah of Israel.

2). The decision to implement the uprooting will cause large numbers of Jews to transgress many of the Torah's commandments. This applies to many varied commandments, including both those that are practiced between man and G-d, as well as those between man and his fellow man; those that apply to the nation as a whole, and those that apply to every individual.

3). The Government of Israel and the Knesset, in their present form and power structure, do not constitute institutions that have any authority according to halacha to render decisions that contradict the Torah of Israel.

4). Government ministers who have deemed this plan of uprooting to be wrongful have been removed from their positions, and likewise senior officials of the security establishment who have expressed independent opinions about the matter have been ousted.

5). THEREFORE, the decision of this government - which has also violated its promises to its own electorate - is null and void.

6). THUS: No Jew is permitted to cooperate with the program of uprooting, in any way whatsoever.

7). Any Jew - including a soldier or policeman - who supports the uprooting, whether directly or indirectly, whether by voting in its favor, or by giving council, or by supplying vehicles or materials, and obviously, anyone who actively participates in the uprooting... by so doing, transgresses a large number of Torah commandments.

8). The uprooting of the residents of the Gaza Strip and Samaria is a crime, and an injustice to the residents, and places many other communities - in fact, all citizens of the State of IsraelĘ- in mortal danger.

9). Any Jew who participates in, or cooperates with this plan, whether actively, or even by merely remaining silent, transgresses the commandment "You shall not stand idly by your neighbor's blood (Lev. 19:17)," and in the future will be judged by G-d for this sin.

10). The leaders and their agents - including soldiers and policemen who support the uprooting and participate in it - may be brought to bear personal responsibility for all damages caused to those who are hurt, and to their property.

11). By this declaration, the Sanhedrin, as the link of continuity of the Torah received by Moses at Sinai, hereby expresses the stance of Israel's Torah. For if, Heaven forbid, the present government carries out this, or some other, program of uprooting - this action has no validity. The Land of Israel is holy land, and all of its regions belong exclusively to the nation of Israel, forever.

12). The Sanhedrin, as the representative of the Jewish people throughout history, hereby affirms that the Jewish people - regardless of this or that government - does not relinquish, and is not entitled to relinquish, so much as the span of a solitary man's foot of the Land of Israel according to its Biblical boundaries... for it is G-d's land.

13). The commandment to "inherit and dwell" (Deut. 12:29) in the Land of Israel is obligatory upon every Israeli government. In this regard Israel is commanded by G-d to conquer the entire expanse of the Land of Israel within its Biblical boundaries, including the Gaza strip.

14). THEREFORE: Even if (Heaven forbid) the residents are forcibly removed from their homes - when the government changes, and a government in Israel arises that conducts itself according to the Torah, the armies of Israel will return and re-conquer this strip of land, to reinstate the people of Israel to their rightful place. This applies not only to this area, but to all the expanses of the Land of Israel that were stolen and are presently in foreign hands.

15). We are permeated with faith in the G-d of the Legions of Israel, that the oath which He swore to our forefather Abraham at the "Covenant Between the Halves" will be fulfilled precisely as it is stated, and with G-d's help, speedily - as it is written (Gen. 15:18):

"On that day the L-rd made a covenant with Abram, saying, to your seed have I given this land, from the river of Egypt to the great river, the Euphrates river... "



Thhey will look upon him whom they have peirced...    Israel is of course a secular state at this time, which is because they have truly "forgotten their identity" as so many deny that they have: Those who just choose to hate Israel stubbornly claim that Israel has NOT forgotten its identity, because even through centuries of being scattered abroad they remained a nation.  This is erroneous in that the preservation of the nation under those circumstances, can only be the miraculous work of God, but Israel HAS in fact forgotten its identity, and has for a long time.  They have forgotten that they are a holy nation, that they are rooted in deep belief in and service to God, and that is manifest in that they have been an entirely secular state since their reformation.  There have been many religious people there, but as a nation, they have truly forgotten themselves.  Yes they have forgotten their identity, but in the near future we will see Israel return to its religious roots.  When it does, the spirit of Israel will again be opened to the gospel, and the realization that the messiah has in fact come, and is about to return as he promised.  Exciting days are ahead filled with, we believe, a lot of Jewish people realizing the Messiah for who he is, prior to, and even at, his return!

    Another thing that has always puzzled me about Israel, but shouldn't have, because it is just a manifestation of their forgotten faith and identity, that they would be so against Palestinians dwelling in their land. The scripture reminds of many times when God ordered them not to act like this, and ordered them to accept strangers that choose to dwell in their land.  such as the following...

Exodus 22:21  Thou shall neither vex a stranger, nor oppress him: for ye were strangers in the land of Egypt.

Exodus 23:9  Also thou shall not oppress a stranger: for ye know the heart of a stranger, seeing ye were strangers in the land of Egypt.

Deuteronomy 10:19  Love ye therefore the stranger: for ye were strangers in the land of Egypt.

Leviticus 19:34  But the stranger that dwells with you shall be unto you as one born among you, and thou shalt love him as thyself; for ye were strangers in the land of Egypt: I am the LORD your God.

I do not believe carbon dating claims about the Shroud.  This is the face of Our Lord!    So it is obvious that God commanded the nation of Israel to be accepting, and to consider the strangers who choose to dwell among them as their friends and countrymen, yet Israel has no intention of dwelling peaceably with its neighbors.  Strangely enough, the secular government seems more willing to do that than the Sanhedrin does.  The Sanhedrin isn't of course famous for their obedience to scripture, especially in the time Jesus walked the earth, it will be interesting to see how they conduct themselves in the coming months and years, and to see what kind of influence they will garner in Israel!  But we have to ask ourselves a serious question here; What is God doing in Israel?  What is the intent of the Sanhedrin, and what would God say about the compromise known as the "Roadmap to peace"?  How would he feel about the fact that Israel is about to give up some of the land that he promised them, and give it to foreign powers?  Is it possible that the Sanhedrin is right?  Is it possible that the current secular government is not on the same page as the spirit of God?

    We remember the Sanhedrin for its dealings with Jesus, but I think we need to keep a watchful eye on their actions in the days ahead, and an open mind, in order to see what manner of men they will now become.  This is a very exciting development on the world stage, and one we believe has tremendous spiritual significance! 



    The comments I wanted to make on their declaration are that the Sanhedrin is making a VERY bold move here, which I think is about to get some sharp criticism from America and the international community as a whole, and certainly from the current secular government in Israel!  These men may find themselves in some real live danger going forward.  This shows that the Sanhedrin that has convened in Israel is certainly not cut from the same cloth as the ones that dwelled in Israel back in Jesus' day.  If you think about it, they are standing up for the root principles of their faith.  Talking about things like not giving up even one inch of the land that God gave Israel, adhering to the torah, returning to their faith.  

    Think about that for a minute, can you picture the Sanhedrin getting arrested for inciting civil disobedience?  can you picture them receiving their own version of what we are saying will soon happen to true Christians who speak the truth of the gospel, by the kingdoms of this world?  Can you see the sprouting of the olive tree in Israel?  The two witnesses of Revelation, the olive trees and the candlesticks, those who "keep the commandments of God", and "have the testimony of who keep the commandments of God, and who have the testimony of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ", suffering the same fate under different circumstances in the world?  The candlesticks being persecuted and killed, and the olive trees being persecuted, and fleeing to the wilderness?  I can see the makings of more fulfillment of scripture in the reconvening of the Sanhedrin, how about you?  The timeliness of this event and the formation of all of the truth of scripture remind us that even though it has been 2000 years since Jesus' departure, that the will and purposes of God are unwavering and still on track!  Praise his holy name!  Even so, come Lord Jesus, come!

To be continued!


In Christ, F.E.Reilly

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