AWAKENING!  ITS HAPPENING!  (Reader responses...) Behold, I stand at the door and knock...


    The Following are some emails we have received from our readers.  We would like to see their smart, important comments shared with our readers.  Folks are responding to share how the things they have been feeling for years are being confirmed here, and on the sites of our Network Brothers and sisters!  I will try to keep this up in the future!

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Some More Emails, as of 9-11-06

Terri, concerning the "Patriotism in Light Of The Scriptures" article

Hello there, just dropping a note to say keep up the great work and I enjoyed this article. I stand in agreement that Christians seem to be so blinded by patriotism that they wouldn't dare even question what is happening right under their noses. 9-11 was such a blur and so surreal that I didn't pay a lot of attention to detail. I didn't start questioning until after hurricane Katrina when there was chaos and no help being sent yet the media had no trouble getting to those in desperate need to report on their need. That is when I smelt a skunk and things didn't add up. I began actually watching the films where the majority and yes, self proclaim Christians write off as conspiracy theories or sensationalist looking to make a buck. However... these so called "make a buck" videos are easily found and free of charge to watch I find.


It's all very interesting and leaves me feeling frustrated in what I can do about it. But I'm not sure if anything since the history of the world has been laid out by G_d and will be played out according to his plan.


Anyway, thank you for the interesting read and G_d bless.




Yoshisaka on finding the site...

Just found your website.  It voices a lot of the concerns I've had about the current condition of the US govt. and American Christianity.


Before George W. Bush was elected, I began to feel a need to study about Hitler and the Nazis.  Somehow, I felt this study would help me to recognize the arising of the Antichrist or, at least, recognize the signs of history repeating itself.  So it did not surprise me at all when Internet writers began comparing Bush and his administration with Hitler and the Nazis.  Hitler presented himself as a Christian, and he was a messiah figure for Germans.  Mr. Bush appears to fill a similar role for deceived American Christians.  The rest of the world isn't fooled by his shows of piety.  I hope and pray that Christians in America will wake up soon...



Steve Scruggs on the Site...

I have read everything you have written, and I am in deep agreement with you.  We are the “loose cannons” that will attract the attention of the authorities when they unveil their police state, because we will stand firm on the truth, irrespective of how others “take it”.


There aren’t many of us out there, but, more than we think.  God always, ALWAYS takes care of His own.  ALWAYS.



Here is a recent email from a reader, and my response to her...

Thank you for being so explicit in your preaching's. I love it!  My question is: Are we in or out of the church age? Some believe we are out and advise on fellowship/study on our own without attending churches, etc. Do you think the physical church is too far gone? Please let me know at my e-mail. Thank you very much.

God bless you all!


Hi Sue,
 I wouldn't imagine a "church age" as you put it will end until the actual physical arrival of the Lord Jesus Christ to begin his millennial reign.  As far as the church goes, NO, I do not believe they are too far gone!  That is why we continue to run this site, and reason with the folks that find this site.  If we thought they were too far gone, as some who have given up do, we too would give up and walk away.

There are MANY people in the church who know the truth in their hearts, and as long as there are people like us calling their memory to the truth, we believe there is a chance they will hear it!  Even though they may be following the flow of popular opinion at this time, we have hope!.  I believe that the Spirit of God will awaken them at the time appointed, and they will return to the truth and be obedient to it, even unto death!
No, I don't believe that the church is too far gone,  However, I do agree with the need to fellowship with and study the word with those who are not catering to the delusions of the mainstream teachings.

God Bless and thanks for visiting our site!




Here is another from Kent, who wrote us earlier this year...

Re: Separation of church and faith article (all I can say about this article is "amen!" )

Seems you folks have been getting some negative email again. You used the terms "judgmental", "out there", "lost", "hate speech", "bible bashing", and "anti American sentiment", typical satanic buzzwords, trying to distract you and bring you back into the worldly way of thinking. But hey! You get this response, plus the distractions you talked about, you can be sure you are on the right track, otherwise Satan wouldn't bother with you. Yes, I said Satan, those letters certainly aren't from Christians.  So, I felt led to write to you again, to support you and your ministry. Reading articles of this caliber is so rare. Hearing this in a sermon or Christian radio is even rarer. In fact, it's nonexistent.
Just once, I'd like to turn on the radio and just hear the Lord's words taught. Truly, there is a famine in the land.

God bless and keep you all. I value your work, and I know I am not alone.




Here is an exchange with a gentlemen named James, a former Military man...

    Yes, several months ago the president made a stop in my hometown, Omaha Nebraska, while he was on his "social security reform tour".   I did not take any interest in this visit, but coincidentally I was on Michael Moore's website just looking around... (my first time to his website), and I noticed a link that was a quote of Bush speaking with a woman in Omaha during his visit.

    The woman was telling Bush a little about herself, how she's a mother and she is working two jobs to make ends meet.  Bush commended her for being so responsible and a hard worker, and then he joked;  "you ever get any sleep?"  I'm sure the room gave him a chuckle.....  I didn't find it funny that the woman has to work two jobs....especially when she has kids.... so I decided to read the whole speech he gave that day to the city of Omaha.      

    The speech started off light with his thanks for being here and his determination to work for the people...blah...blah...and then he immediately jumped into the "war on terror".  I remember there was a point in his speech where I stopped reading and something inside myself told me "these are the words of Satan".....  I got a very sour feeling in my stomach as I began to realize the antichrist is probably already here and "the end" has already begun, so to speak...

   Years ago, my poor choices left me with no job, no girlfriend, no place of my own (had to move back in with dad) and to top it all off, my parents were divorcing and selling the house, so I was soon going to need another place to live..... I felt my only way out was the military.  I've always been against the decision to join my entire life, but there I was shipping off to basic. I don't mean to boast, but I am very bright and I've got some very handy skills.   I am particularly good with computers, and I was a great first.   After my training was over I was sent to Germany.  life outside of the United States, in another culture like that, is like a breath of fresh air I never knew I could breathe (if that makes sense).  I spent a year and a half in Germany and off-duty I spent mostly with the Germans......

    Getting back to the point, three years after the army, my hindsight shows me a path I've been continuously trying to fight against and avoid altogether.....and regardless of all of my "meandering", here I am back right where I was, having to confront the reality that well....we're at the eleventh hour......and the fact that the entire world around me, here where I live, is so clouded in deception.......I think your website and the tribulation network have hit the nail on the head....and it's terrifying!


Here is a response from Janine and Brian, a couple who had been discussing world events...

    My husband & I sat up for nearly 4 hours one night just reading the information on your web site.  He has often disagreed with me in the past about just where our allegiance should lay, but you have helped open his eyes in ways that I could not.  Thank You so much for taking a stand against this patriotic Christianity blend that will undoubtedly be a part of deception in the last days.  When we cannot separate our loyalty to Jesus' teachings & our loyalty to our government, there is a BIG problem and the potential for serious deception arises.  I'm surprised & saddened that more believers don't see this.  Of course, we've been told by numerous Christian leaders what a Godly, righteous nation we live in. Instead of checking these teachings with Scripture, many just believe what they hear from others.  Don't know about you, but I've never read in the Bible about a righteous, holy nation who defeats the antichrist & evil in the last days. Talk about trying to build God's kingdom without HIM!!! Lord have mercy on us!! 

    Keep up the good work! We're looking forward to your upcoming article about Gog/Magog & the continuation of the "Conversation" (and any other upcoming articles of course).  It's wonderful to know that I'm not alone & that others are seeing the same things as myself. Don't ever be discouraged, your message is extremely important in this last hour. 




Another from Kent, about "The Gospel Of Convenience" article...

    If you are taking heat for writing this article, like you expected you would, all I can say is God bless you!  You, I believe, hit the nail on the head many times.
    "nor do I feel that she is "riding" the beast as of yet, because this is now in process.  But, if the Christian right in America performs its goal of taking over the government, by taking offices, and becoming the largest voting influence in this country (which they will need to join together with the Catholic church to accomplish)  I would see that as the absolute fulfillment of that picture in Revelation 17."
End Quote
    Good point. Think about what would happen if/when they get political power, and try to bring in God's kingdom on earth.  You think they will like us?  Not likely.  I can literally see them killing us, all the while believing they are doing God a service.  After all, we're the ones standing in the way of them achieving their goal!   How dare we stand in their way of bringing God's kingdom on Earth!!!   Truly I tell you, this is getting deep.  You have given me much to think about, and I am just now getting a grasp on it.  Thank you for posting this article.




From Laura, about "Self Induced Blindness - The Veiled Christian" Article.

    I just read 'self induced blindness: the veiled christian' and it occurs to me that we in the west have the greater problem.  I think that it would be far easier to face persecution face to face and stand,  than it is to face a "faceless persecutor".  Seems to me, that it will be a harder trial to stand in the face of delusion and keep the faith . Does that make sense?
    I have been watching professing believers, people who were once hot to trot for the Lord are now fully embracing many aspects of the apostasy running rampant in the professing church. And to top it off having a complete loyalty to our government. As a popular Queen song once chanted, 'another one bites the dust'.  This is very hard to watch especially when we are without excuse to know as the info is right in front of us.
    In saying that I also want to share with you that (sigh) my oldest son joined the marines over a year ago in spite of my warnings against it for reasons obvious, and to see what he is involved with in Iraq and what is happening makes me grieve to the core.  He is stationed with an elite group in the Al Ansbar region.   So for me this delusion hits the center of my home and family.
    I support my son as a mother would, but I am completely against what our government is doing in the name of Christ.  I might just have to make a choice one day between my son and government and Christ my Lord.  Just thought I would share this.  Thanks for reading and thanks so much for this information.  Answer to much prayer for understanding.  Blessings.

And an Update from Laura! Please Pray for her Son's safety!  There is also a confirmation of what we have been warning people about for some time now!

    Thank you for touching base with me, I know you all must be very busy.  My son has returned from Iraq and was able to have a short 10 day leave with us. We enjoyed it very much!
    But he also received word that he will be returning to Iraq in the same area. Al Ansbar, also known as the triangle of death.  This is near the Syrian border. He couldn't tell me much because so much of what he is involved with is secret including not knowing when he will be deployed again exactly, I hate that. Too much secrecy. but anyways, I can tell you this...  It looks imminent we are going to engage both Syria and Iran.  Which is first is our guess.  But the talk is, more war despite what the news is reporting.  sigh. My son is rather concerned. When he is sent is still secret. I am not sure he knows yet but he has been told to be prepared.
I live in Minnesota, and if you keep track of the news, the largest deployment since WW2 of the national guard is taking place this next month. Over 2700 troops last I heard. Many sons of friends of mine are being sent to Iraq in this deployment.  However, my son is based out of Cherry Point, NC.  As to using my email, yes you can.  It sure seems the apostasy is maturing doesn't it?  I can hardly believe it but it is. Anyway, blessings and thank you again for touching base with me.



From Ade...

Hello Brother
Your web site has been a true blessing to me.  I seem to be in the wilderness when it comes to the issues surrounding the current atrocities being committed in Iraq, even amongst Christians, but thank God for your ministry.  Please can you tell me when the second part of the conversation will be published?  

Hello Ade,

Here it is!  Ready for reading!  The final part is on its way!  "The Conversation"  Part 2

Blessings to you in the name of Jesus



Another couple "working out the details", on the "Under Siege" article...

    Thank you for your dedication. I have been following your articles for the past several months and would like to thank you. I am hungry for the truth. This is however causing a problem in my marriage. These articles have been causing many arguments.  (I thank you for helping me to articulate my position.) My husband is a British born militant patriot and I am now classified as liberal and "out there". We were together in our thinking until God un-churched me about 5 years ago. We have been married for 10 years. We love each other. I am praying for his conversion. Please keep this site alive. I will pray for you no matter the outcome. The true Christian position is truly not popular. I pray that God will open doors for you and for myself to speak the truth as there are many like myself who "know" it but need the help of a spokesperson so to speak to help put our own mouth's in action. Let our voice be heard.

One from the same woman earlier this year, when she first found our site, and the "Generation Judas" Article...

WOW! I just happened upon your site. I finished Generation Judas and I am speechless…..
I am very grateful for your work. I have been standing alone since 1999. True fellowship has been nonexistent except for web writings.
Again I am very grateful for the wisdom our Lord has granted you.

Please keep it up!


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