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    This Web site is one of the most Advanced, powerful sources of End Times proclamation, and Scriptural interpretation we have seen yet!  Here is a description written by their web master about the site....

    Our Vision is to help people identify the apostasy, deception, and false teachings of the apostate 21st century church, and to find freedom in a real, living relationship with God and others, outside of the dead apostate establishment. Check out the new Books and articles!

The principles at "The Trib Net" are... 

Dene McGriff - Writer. Dene is a seasoned professional at writing documents portraying the American mess now spreading across the globe, calling itself Christian.  He is eloquent, straight forward, and diligent in performing his duties on one of today's best Christian E-Magazines, "THE TRIB NET".  We have a tremendous level of appreciation and respect for him, and we follow his lead toward the coming of the Lord!  See some of his suggested reading below....

In Search Of Babylon! - A phenomenal testimony of his personal involvement in the Corporate and civil Beast's advancement throughout the world!!  I.E. Its  "going fourth conquering and to conquer!" (B.C. in his life of course!)

A Spread of Dene's Articles - Here you will find a group of Dene's works.  Enjoy the writings of a true Christian, as you grow and benefit from his insights!


Doug Krieger - Writer.  We have developed a true and important friendship with Doug, as we have "linked up" with The Trib net and others across the internet.  He is a spirit filled man, who is encouraging, devoted, and vastly intelligent, who writes some very powerful and ominous material to the glory of God.  We Love Doug, and feel that we have known him for years, even though we have never met face to face. (but hope to someday).  See some of his important writings referenced below...

The GOG MAGOG Scenario - This is an excellent writing by Doug, detailing what he believes will transpire in the world in the soon coming future.  Prophetic?  You tell us!  This is a MUST READ for those who feel they are savvy end times prophecy interpreters!

A Small Piece Of Doug's Work - Here you will find a small chunk of Doug's work.  He has written many Articles, and here are a few.  With Doug, as well as Dene, you can view his most recent work in the daily Blog Articles that they write, which are always fresh and up to date.


Doug Shearer - Writer.  Doug is another Gentleman that occasionally writes for The Trib Net.  He, like the Gentlemen above, has some great insight into current events and writes accordingly.  In the featured Article Below he proves that nicely, as he writes about recent political events and their implications for the future...

Political Power - This Article is a nicely put together piece about current Christian political activity and its implications.  A man after our own 11th Hour Heart!  A real eye opening read!  Check it out!


Guy Mitts - Web Master.  Guy is Trib Net's web master.  He is a decent, likeable type that we are sure we will have a long term friendship with.  If you have any questions about The Tribnet's web policies, hosting, web design and format, he would be the "Guy" to talk to.  He is an approachable, pleasant fellow, who's zeal is second only to his Web mastering knowledge.