He left a humiliated sacrifice, he will return a Glorified King!










    Our good friend Rob Frei over at The USA In Bible Prophecy is mastering a pretty snazzy web site, also discussing America's role in end times prophecy.  This is the "Sister site" of The Trib Net.  He has a nice spread over there, but watch out!  You may get caught staring at the cool look of the site!  Here are some of the great and important items at his site...

The Times Of The Gentiles - A nice look at the Prophecies of Daniel.

The White Horse Of The Apocalypse - Discussing the opening of the first seal, and the White Horse of the Apocalypse.

Defense Spending! - Here is a piece that kind of "Proves our point" about the real motivation of America in the 21st Century!  Check this one out!

Last Bastion Of Freedom! - This is an excellent article which discusses Rob's prediction that soon, sooner than we think, the internet will even be commandeered by the New World Order!  Please don't miss this article its an eye opener!

    Rob is a good devout brother, who has recently returned to his zeal for web based ministry, and we are glad he did!  He has some incredible videos at his site as well, showing for all, the true nature of the military machine, and the abominations that are becoming commonplace around the globe, courtesy of the "holy" nation of America!

The Specter Gunship Video - Let's just say, you wouldn't believe it unless you saw it with your own eyes!!!  

Breaking The Silence! - This is an amazing one hour video exposing the hideousness of the new "War on Terror" You might not want your kids to be looking over your shoulder on this one!  The truth can be grisly at times!  Don't miss this one!

    We stand together with Rob, to proclaim the truth to Christians everywhere who are falling prey to the lies and deceit of the current Leaders of the "Free World".