Over the last year and a half we have come across some Videos that support what we have been saying.  These videos will support the concepts that we have laid out plainly on this site, and we have consolidated them here for your viewing.  Some are links to other site's Videos. Some of them are in our Articles.

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Iraq - A Holy Mission?

    The True attitudes taught to our young men in the American Military.  This video presents a completely entertainment based killing of an Iraqi man that is incapacitated.  He has no weapon, and poses no threat to the soldiers, yet they kill him and cheer about it.  Senseless killing is not supposed to be the activity of a godly mission by a holy nation, yet that's not what this is anyway. (5 minutes) 


The Hideousness Of The "Holy War" - (hit the "play" button)

    An Aerial Assault in Afghanistan. This video is astounding!  To watch American military personnel sit up in a plane and use bombs to kill men on the ground running down streets is just sickening!  Will you be able to deem this a holy mission after watching this?  (10 minutes)


Going Fourth Conquering And To Conquer!  (click on the MP3 version... its only audio now)

    The John Perkins Story.  John Perkins was recruited by the American government to participate in the quiet, behind the scenes, economical take over of a majority of the countries in the world.  As an "Economic Hit Man" John lured poor countries into taking massive loans from the world bank to rebuild its countries, there by placing them in slavery to the American lackeys running that institution, there by securing for themselves a place of absolute hegemony in those lands!  Hear John's testimony of his involvement, and what he and his cohorts did.  (1 hour)


Breaking the Silence -

    A documentary on the War in Iraq. Yet again another witness to the stirring lies and deceit that is now being supported and hailed by the Christian body and leadership, as a Godly mission! (1 Hour)


911 - The Road To Tyranny  

    If you have the ears to hear.. The truth! this documentary "911 The Road To Tyranny" reveals some more of the same stuff we have been alarming the Christian Church about for over a year now!  Do you have ears to hear? (1 hour)


Hijacking Catastrophe

    Another eye-opener for people open to the truth.  This video was made by the "Media Education Foundation" and is in full support and confirmation of our Article "Right From The Horse's Mouth" written back in December!  Bill found this video the other night on Information Clearing House's Web Site.  See for yourself the Brazen domination bend of the current leadership. (1 hour)


World Trade Center Building 7, plain and simple...

    There really isn't anything to say here. We believe it shows clearly that there was more at work in NY that day than two planes.  The commentary is catering to a forcefully implied official story that the explosions were not man made or planted.  You decide.  See and hear the explosions for yourself.  If it isn't the official story... God help us all. (3 minutes 54 seconds)

Other WTC videos...

    The official story is that ONLY the planes brought the buildings down. Including WTC7.  The official story is that there was a plane at the pentagon, and one in Philadelphia.  We don't do the conspiracy buff thing and its not our bag, but there are some holes in the government story that would easily be explained and silenced by the confiscated videos in the possession of the FBI, the SS and the Pentagon.  Why not silence the accusations by showing pictures of the planes? ....We don't know what to believe....