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    A Christian web site.  Are these the end times?  Are we seeing the fulfillments of certain elements of prophecy?  Will we soon see the prophetic Babylon?  Is there a rapture of the church prior to the time we know as the great tribulation?  What about the great American empire?  What is the true Christian religion?  Is there a place for true Religion in politics?  When will the end come?  Are we witnessing the end of the world?  These questions face every believer today!  We see a need for a Christian web site to address these matters. Join us as we enter the discussion. The name of this site is not based on any scriptural doctrine, it is just a reference to the fact that we believe we are in the end times, or the "11th Hour" so to speak. 

    Presenting a Christian Web Site with unwavering adherence to the truth of God's Word, and the principles of the Gospel that our Lord Jesus Christ taught in Galilee 2000 years ago!


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What is Happening Now?

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Feature of the MONTH...

    There is another a new Article Posted on the Site.  This one is a continuation of an Article written back when the Site was first launched in 2003... 

Patriotism In Light Of The Scriptures 2 is the second installment of what we have been saying to our brothers and sisters in Christ for 4 years now.  It is a two part Article expounding on some of the stuff we have been engaging Christians in 15 countries and from every denomination imaginable since the site was founded.  The link to Part 2 of the Article is at the end of the first part. Go to the "Articles" page for the link to the Text version of the article.

God Bless as you read this important Article!  




    We invite, and even challenge you to read the Articles here-in thoroughly.  There are both TEXT and GRAPHICS versions of our Articles.


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    A Christian Web site can help to show a new perspective, and can help to promote the word of God in a world without direction. We challenge you to use the Contact info provided here to engage us right back! 

    You may even want to see what Our Friends on the Web have to say about these things!  It is the responsibility of every brother and sister, to be discerned and aware of the schemes intended to take us down, for we are not ignorant of his devices.  

We are in The 11th Hour!  The 11th Hour was launched on September 23, 2003.





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